8 Weirdest Things Found By Rubbish Removal Bin Men

Bin men see life through the lens of our collective rubbish removal and the tales of what they find is enough to keep anyone mesmerized for hours! Some of the items they find are shocking, even utterly disgusting, so be prepared to feel a bit queasy, or even horrified, reading this article. Other items they find in rubbish removal will just make you scratch your head and perhaps wonder how people could be so incredibly careless or stupid about what they toss in the bin!

Please note that we compiled this list from several sources where bin men reported their discoveries directly. Okay, let’s take a walk into WEIRD!

A Living Crying Abandoned Human Baby

We know this one will tug on everyone’s heart strings! In 2014, a man in Australia was passing near a skip when he heard the distinctive cry of a human baby. He rescued the baby and took it immediately to the hospital. Thankfully, the baby turned out to be okay health wise. Once it was determined the baby had been abandoned, the man who found the baby and his wife eventually adopted it so at least there’s a happy ending to the story!

Living Puppies and Kittens

Unfortunately, this is all too commonly reported by bin men. In fact, the incredible frequency of occurrence is why we include living puppies and living kittens on our eight “weirdest items found in the rubbish removal bin list!” Almost all bin men who are asked about the strangest things they find in rubbish removal bins report finding puppies and or kittens. Sad but true!

#3. Dead Dogs, Dead Cats, Dog Parts, and Cat Parts

Bin men tend to be rough tough men with a strong stomach but many of them report hurling at the sight (and stench!) of dead dogs, dead cats, and especially dead animal parts! One bin man reported finding a big clear sack of dog heads! Sacks of dead cats have also been found. Another bin men found a whole container of dead German Shepherds! We shudder to even try to guess the story behind these finds. It’s also not uncommon to find pig heads, sheep heads, skinned raccoons, deer parts, and other animal parts binned after slaughter

#4. Money and Lots of It

Bin men probably don’t get paid enough for the service they provide us but at least it’s good to know that they do find money in the bins they empty. One bin man in the UK says he finds on average about £500 a year in the pockets of binned clothing. However, some bin men have found much more money in bins. It seems to depend on their route as more affluent neighborhoods seem to throw out more money and bigger bills. One American “trash man” team puts all the money they find in a jar and they split it up at Christmas time.

#5. Winning Lottery Tickets

It seems that most bin men have developed a habit of always checking the lottery tickets they find because so often they turn out to be winning tickets! One bin man found a lottery ticket worth more than a million dollars and then ended up being sued by the person who binned it. Eventually, there was a settlement and both sides got a lot of money. Might make some people want to go “dumpster diving!” as the Americans call it… “skip diving” doesn’t have the same alliteration!

#6. A Sack Containing an Engagement Ring, Condoms, and a Wedding Dress

Believe it or not, engagement rings, including very expensive ones, are a relatively common find in rubbish removal bins. We don’t know if this is due to men have second thoughts or women getting upset and binning them. Either way, you’d think the monetary value of the ring would stop them. What makes this even weirder is that on many occasions bin men find condoms along with the ring! In one case, there was a wedding dress, condoms, and an expensive ring all in the same bag! No wedded bliss but a great find for the bin man!

#7. Big Exploding Bags of Liquid Dog Poo

At first, this sounded like a gag or maybe a fabricated story but it is not! This really happened! Bin men collected some exceptional heavy bin bags full of what they thought might be a liquid. They put them on their truck and a little further along in their route they could tell the bags were about ready to explode. Just in the nick of time, they moved out of the way as the bags exploded and sprayed the road with liquified smelly dog poo! It turned out that someone had cleaned up the dog poo in their garden when there was still snow on the ground. As the snow melted, the dog poo got mixed with the water!

#8. Nazi Code Breaking Machine

The Nazis sent coded messages during the war and probably would have won the war if the Americans had not finally broken the code! They would send these coded messages out over the airwaves using morse code and then the recipient would decode the message using what they called a enigma machine. The monetary value of these machines today is more than $10,000 American dollars but worth even more to history museums and academic institutions. One bin man find an enigma machine, in perfect working order, along with its original wooden case, in a rubbish removal bin. He also found the wooden box for a second one that had been used as a fishing tackle box!

There are so many weird items we could have added to this list, we may have to do a “Part 2” followup article! If you have rubbish you’d like to bin, call Clearabee, the leading rubbish removal service in the UK, so it can be diverted from the landfill and taken for recycling or reuse. However, before you call Clearabee, we encourage you to give those lottery tickets a second look, check your pockets for money, and consider cashing in on any valuables you may have put in your rubbish! And please…. nothing TOO morbid!


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