Extreme sports for the whole family

While extreme sports and spending the day out with kids might not immediately sound like they belong in the same sentence, there are actually loads of benefits to getting your young ones involved in a physical activity that they love – and it can be done very safely too! You have to remember that extreme sports by their very nature call for stricter safety precautions, which tend to more than compensate for any added risk. In fact, if you compare the risk of injury from a traditional sport like football or rugby with those of rock climbing or snowboarding for example, extreme sports often come out as safer.

And apart from that, it’s more important than ever to get our children involved in activities that get them outdoors and away from the enticements of the PC and their smartphones – and that can be a hard sell! But with so many options to choose from, it really isn’t that tough to find an extreme sport for everyone.

Let’s take a look at some of the activities you can take part in with your kids that are guaranteed to spark their interest, and give you plenty of opportunity to have some fun too!

Kayaking and canoeing


Your location permitting, this is an excellent choice as a family activity; not just because it gets everyone outdoors together, but because there are so many different levels of difficulty. Young kids (and let’s face it, parents who are a bit nervous themselves!) often start out learning the basics in a swimming pool before graduating to dams, lakes and reservoirs, before taking on gentle rivers. Once you have the basic skill set ingrained, this is also an activity that travels well, as so many holiday destinations offer some form of river and water activities that you’ll all now be confident to try your paddles at!

Biking and mountain biking


Teaching your kid to ride a bike is a long-standing tradition, but sadly one that most families don’t explore further and start to take part in together. If you’re out of practice, then use the opportunity of teaching your younger kids how to ride as a refresher course. As your child becomes more skilled, start making it a regular family activity that expands as your youngster’s confidence grows. On the next family vacation, try and book a spot where you can all try your wheels at mountain biking.

If you’re lucky, not only have your kids found a form of exercise that they enjoy and which allows them a sense of freedom and adventure, but a passion that will stay with them for life. With greener forms of transport becoming increasingly popular, and more and more cities dedicating space to cyclists, you’re also helping them become more responsible citizens too! Your kids also have the option of expanding their talents into BMX events and professional racing if they find they have a natural talent for the sport.

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Rock climbing and abseiling

Not many sports compete with rock climbing in terms of building upper body strength – so it’s just as good a form of exercise for mom and dad as it is for your kids! It’s also an excellent way of teaching your children about the power of grit and determination, hanging on when the going gets tough, and overcoming obstacles one step at a time. With more and more indoor venues opening that offer less challenging climbs for beginners and children as young as three, this is a sport that you really should consider if you’re looking for an activity that will challenge every member of the family. More than just the physical side of the sport, it’s about problem solving and getting a mental workout too, and was even added as an Olympic sport for the upcoming 2020 games. Like river sports and biking, this is an activity that you can build into your family holidays with a little planning too.

Keep your eyes and your mind open to new adventures:

These are just a tiny sampling of the extreme sports that can become family affairs – make sure to investigate what other options are available in your area. Even if you don’t live in a snowy area, you might be lucky enough to have an indoor skate rink or ski slope available. Perhaps a local horse stable offers family outrides, or your kids might enjoy having their  birthday party at a paintball venue adventure center where they might discover their own new passion – let yourself get roped in too.

If you had an adventurous activity that you enjoyed as a kid but have lost touch with over the years, then use this opportunity to reconnect with it and create some new memories to treasure with your own children. Extreme sports build up strength, determination and promote physical development in kids – share the experience with them!


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