Happy Christmas

Only 2  more days to go until Father Christmas visits us all and leaves us gifts under the tree, where we celebrate with family enjoying far too much food and drink and wishing everyone we see a Happy Christmas.


Happy Christmas

Are you ready for christmas, all presents wrapped, all food and drink brought, house smelling of mulled wine and christmas baking? If like me the answer to all these questions a big NO, and I still have lots to do.



I still have presents to wrap, my Granddaughters are all wrapped and ready to be delivered today, I have wrapped all of C’s, and that is it I still have everyone elses to wrap.  I keep sitting looking at the bags of presents and the wrapping paper and think I will do it later.  I find wrapping such a chore but I really can not leave it much longer.  Plus I will be able to get my living room back to a bit of normality, as have left them all in a pile so that they will annoy me and make me do them.



The dreaded food shop, the supermarkets are closed for one day, and even then there are shops open on the day, but for some reason people act like the shops are going to be closed for weeks and go mad.  I hate supermarket shopping when it is busy, I just want to go in and get what I want, without people leaving their trollies in the way, or stopping in the middle of an aisle to have a chat with someone they have bumped into.  Luckily most of the food shop has been done, but I do still need to go and get a few bits and just trying to work out when the best time for this will be without me getting caught up in too much trolley rage.



Then we have the home baking, luckily I have already made my homemade cookie dough ice cream, and am just making sausage rolls this year which I will make on Christmas Eve morning which I do every year.

On that note I would like to wish all of your a very happy christmas, and hope you all have a great time no matter where you are and who you are with x



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