My 2018 Holiday Dream List

If like me once Christmas is over, you start to look forward to the new year, and one thing we all look at is holidays.  We have been chatting about places we would like to visit recently, and have come up with a 2018 holiday dream list.


1 – Cruise

Years ago cruising was for the rich and famous, or those who have retired.  You now find that cruises have become affordable to everyone.  There are so many ways you can cruise, either fly to a different airport and start your cruise from there, or many docks in the UK.  We have been seriously looking at cruises for our next holiday, as our Daughter is unwell and as we have not been able to have a family holiday for the past couple of years, we feel if she is well enough next year, she will be able to manage a cruise much easier with her condition, although she has been lucky enough to have been on two cruise holidays before. We just have to decide how long we would cruise for and the destinations we would like to visit.

2 Athens

I have always wanted to visit Athens, I love history, and Athens hosts a variety of historic attractions.  We have talked about visiting here a few times, but it will be a trip without any children with us.  There are many companies that offer a private tour of Athens so we can plan our trip before we go.

3 Dominican Republic

We have visited the Dominican Republic two years ago, you can read more here, we went for a friends 50th birthday, and had the most amazing holiday.  One of my favourite memories is sitting in the pool at the bar in my swimsuit, sipping cocktails.  There are a few hotels we have been looking at if we return.

4 Thailand

We have often spoken about visiting Thailand, and spoken to a few people who have been, we would love to visit their markets and try out local cuisine (it is never the same at home), and of course there is the shopping.  We have been looking at two centre holidays where we would do all the busy shopping etc the first part and then travel to a beautiful beach location and just relax and enjoy the rest of our holiday.

5 Cape Verde

We travelled to Cape Verde this year with friends to celebrate my 50th birthday, you can read more here.  There are a few Islands in Cape Verde and we stayed on Sal.  If like me you had not heard of Cape Verde before, I feel it is the up and coming place to visit, and will soon be taking over from other favourites like Tenerife.  We did not do any excursions while we stayed here, apart from a trip into the main town.  We have both said we would like to return and explore a little more of the island, and possibly visit a different island.

6 Portugal

We have also spoken about visiting Portugal, I have been many years ago and loved it, my husband has never been before, and it is somewhere he has wanted to visit.  There is so much to do and see in Portugal and the local food is amazing.  We will be visiting at some stage even if we only manage a long weekend break with just the two of us.

I can never just look at holidays, I also have to look for holiday wear, such as Kaftans, swimwear and accessories as they are also just as important, and if I am looking at holidays I have to think about everything else that goes along with a holiday.

Also something a little different would be a Himalayan Trekking adventure this is something completely different but also something that you would remember for ever and feel an accomplishment when travelling home.

Have you any plans to go away next year?



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