Parcel Delivery Tips

Christmas is a time to be spent with family and friends. Joyful as the festivities are, however, a lot of
us feel the pinch when it comes to our finances, especially as we approach the big day itself.

Costs can easily mount up – from buying gifts to sending them far and wide to loved ones living
away. More and more of us have friends and family who live in a different part of the country or
overseas. And, if you’re anything like me with little ones to think about, you simply might not have
the chance to get out of the house to get your Christmas gifts delivered on time.

Fear not. Even though we have less than a week before Christmas Day, there are still delivery
options available. Better still – some of them will even come to you. One of the cheapest and fastest
ways of having your parcels delivered is by using a courier service. Here are a few things you should
keep in mind when buying and sending festive gifts in order to keep the process as cheap and stress-
free as possible.

You may feel like you’re running out of time before Santa makes an appearance. If you’ll be doing
some last minute shopping this week, make sure to check out the last delivery dates before the big
day to avoid disappointment! The latest day that you can send your gifts off for delivery is Friday 22 nd
December as long as you book an express service with Parcelforce before 11am.

Also, if you already know that you’ll have to have your presents delivered, bear this in mind when
buying. Check the list of restricted and prohibited items to make sure that couriers are able to
handle the items and (my tip) choose gifts that weigh very little as delivery costs will be kept to a
minimum. It’s also important that your parcel is packaged correctly as this will keep it safe and
protected on its journey, but will also allow the gift to remain a surprise!

I’ve recently discovered the courier comparison site My Parcel Delivery, which can help you
decide which company offers the best delivery options based on your needs, whilst also finding the
cheapest courier service available. Using a courier is a winner as it saves not only money, but your time as well – something we all need at this time of year!

Say goodbye to the Post Office queues by leaving your parcels at a designated drop-off point if using
a courier such as UPS or book for your parcels to be collected from your own home with the
Parcelforce express service. Go to the My Parcel Delivery website, input the weight and size of your
parcel, alongside the destination of the gift, and you’ll be presented with some of the best deals

Christmas will never stop being hectic (and pricey) but it is a magical time to celebrate with loved
ones and with a few helping hands here and there, can be made far less expensive and stress free. I
hope that you complete all of your shopping and wrapping over the next week and have a fabulous


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