When You Go To The Dentist

I know just the thought of the word Dentist will have you starting to shudder, and if like me when you have to go to the dentist you are trying to think of any reason why you need to cancel and not go.

dentist chair

Going to the dentist is something we all do, and hopefully only need to go for our quick check up and smile that big smile when we walk out knowing we do not have to revisit for another six months.

But what happens if we need to have work done on our teeth, we put one of our biggest assets into our dentist, our teeth and smile.  We have to lay there with our mouths open and let them get onto with their work of making sure our teeth are repaired, and for most this is just a procedure and all is ok.

But, what happens if something does go wrong, we all now that mistakes can happen, we are human,and most of the time things can be rectified.  But what if a simple apology is not enough, are we just expected to say oh well at least they apologised and move on.

I used to have great teeth, very strong, no fillings etc, and then I became pregnant, my teeth just started falling apart and ended up with very strong roots and weak teeth.  This is no ones fault just a genetic thing that happens in my family.  But treating it was the problem.  When my Daughter was a baby I was fighting so hard with my teeth, but my dentist was awful.  Just one time I was in the worst pain I have ever been in, I was climbing the walls, crying, as they had left me with raw open nerves, eventually they did see me and try to put right, and told to take paracetamol, which did not touch the pain as I also had an infection due to the dentist.  They would not give me anything to help, and eventually after a couple of days when the pain was at its worst, I have never had pain like it I rang my GP who talked to me on the phone, prescribed painkillers and antibiotics, which was like a magic potion, as it worked.

Moving forward, now 14 years, I am with a fantastic Dentist, who although could not save the damage done, she has managed to stop anymore damage being done.  My Daughter has been with her since she was old enough to go to the Dentist, through her illness we are having terrible problems with her teeth, and she works around her illness.  I can not fault our Dentist, just wish I had been with her previously as I would not be sitting here today with a lot of my own teeth missing, and not being comfortable to smile properly.

So what happens if something does go wrong by negligence? Is that it, do we just put it behind us like a bad memory? No we can start fighting back, with companies like Accident Advice Helpline, Even if you are not sure if you have a case, or want to find out a little more, they can give you advice on what to do.

For me personally, I have learnt to move on and live with the damage done,  and I think I have done a pretty good job of hiding my fears from my Daughter, as she has always been happy going to the dentist, even now with her problems she will still go, and I suppose in a good way, what has happened to me previously has made me make sure that she gets good treatment.

Have you ever had a bad experience with the Dentist?



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