How To Get the Whole Family to Sit Down for Dinner

How To Get the Whole Family to Sit Down for Dinner

If you are a mother who is constantly finding it hard to get the kids to sit at the table then you are not alone. All over the world there are people who are constantly fighting a losing battle when it comes to mealtimes. This can really make life hard work in general. If you want to try and sit the whole family down for a chat or if you want everyone to eat together then there are a couple of things that you can do about this.

Make the Kids Part of the Prep

Every dinner starts out with preparation. If you want to make sure that everyone sits down and eats dinner then a great way for you to do this would be for you to involve them in the preparation. This could involve cutting up the vegetables together. Even deciding what is going to be for dinner on that day. By getting everyone involved, you can be sure to really encourage them to sit down for the dinner itself, and this can also save you a lot of stress as well!

Buy a New Dinner Table

This may sound strange, but if you have to mismatch all of your chairs when everyone is over for dinner. This may be a difficult task and it will also demotivate the kids as well. By having a nice new table that has enough room for everyone, you can be sure to get everyone to sit down for dinner easier than ever before. Extendable dining table sets  are ideal for this because they don’t take up space and you can pull out the table whenever you have a couple of extra family members present.

Set a Day

One great way for you to get everyone to sit around together would be for you to set a date for to have dinner. This could be every Monday or it could be once a month. You can even choose to have dinner out if you want, or you could decorate the table at home. Consider booking a table at a restaurant and let your kids order whatever dessert they want. Eventually, this will become routine and it will be something that they look forward to as well. If you want to make it exciting for the younger kids and you want to stay in then why not make a crazy looking dessert? This could be something as crazy as blue lemon meringue pie! Simply add some food colouring at the last minute. It’s little things like this that can really make it fun for the younger generation.

If you can’t set a routine then try and arrange the dinner a week in advance, every time. This way you can plan it for a day where everyone is free. Make sure that you stress to everyone how important it is. Turn off all of your devices, including the television and spend some time with your family. This is a brilliant way for you to bond. And if the whole thing only lasts for an hour then you know that you have spent that hour with the ones that you love.

So why don’t you try the above tips today? Family is everything and for the youngest kids. It’s a great idea to have colourful cutlery or even fun bowls and dishes. It doesn’t cost a lot, but it will help them to stay sat at the table for longer periods of time. For the adults, a good bottle of wine doesn’t go a miss either!

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