Decorating Your Table For Christmas

Although I have been decorating, I am not going to talk about redecorating your home, I am going to be talking about the fun side of christmas decorating.

For me one of the most important parts of christmas day, is the table as it is the one place where we all take our seat and sit together as a family and enjoy our christmas dinner.

Usually I like my table to look pretty and colour schemed, one of my favourite colour schemes for christmas is red and silver.

On the run up to christmas I usually start to look for crackers to go with my theme, and then it is the table display I love candles and this is usually my focus point as you can get some amazing candles in most shops now.  I love to keep it simple and elegant, as the main focus is the meal itself and I try not to take the decorating of the table away from the star attraction.

This year I am still trying to think of my table as I have these amazing crackers 

They will certainly produce a laugh as they are Brussel Sprouts design, but far away from my simple and elegant theme I usually go for.

Some ideas I love and have had similar too in the past are

These designs are pretty and elegant and to me just right for the christmas table, but we do tend to move some off to make way for the food, which is part of why we are all sitting there.

Another thing we always have is table presents, every year after our meal we give out small table presents to open, this is something I can remember happening for ever and something my kids all love, as it continues christmas a little more for them.

This year I am giving my Daughter these as her table present

Chocolate Sprouts and Edinburgh Preserves Hot Mustards Gift Set

The chocolate sprouts not the mustard set, as she really does not like sprouts, and I know there is going to be a lot of fun banter between her and her Grandad over her not eating sprouts.  These are white chocolate but are so realistic.

What do you do for your christmas table, do you have something elegant and stylish or just a normal table?  I would love to hear about your table ideas.


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