Would You Move Abroad?

We have all sat there and dreamt about what our lives would be like if we lived abroad.  I know I have sat and watched programs on the TV about life in another country, or while we have been away wondering what it would be like to live here permanently, or during the holiday blues when we have returned home.

For some people it is just a dream they have, a little fantasy life where they can escape from reality for a while, but for others the dream becomes a bit more of a reality and they start to take things a bit further along, if you have often thought about this, then you are not alone in May 2017 a survey showed that this is something many of us often think or talk about, and that over 70% would move abroad if they had the opportunity.

We all know that property prices in the UK are much higher than in other countries, I found a few resources which I think would be useful one is A Travel Planning Guide, there are also many more around to help you.

For me the first place I would start is finding out how much money I had available to buy a property and live off for a short period of time whilst finding employment or waiting for salary to be paid, then you are not alone in May 2017 a survey by HouseBuyFast showed.

Once you know where you would like to live and obviously looked at employment and living costs, and have a rough idea of how much you have to look at homes.  You can then start to look around and check out the areas of interest and employment.

I know it is only a pipe dream for some people, but for some this is a reality and something that they want to do, I even know a couple of people who have done this and have never looked back or been so happy.

Is this something you want to do, or you just dream of living somewhere nice and warm?







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  1. Angela
    5th December 2017 / 7:50 pm

    we’ve often dreamed of moving to Canada. Not sure it’ll ever become a reality but it’s a nice dream

    • admin
      6th December 2017 / 11:19 am

      We have had the same dream as well, a friend of mine is moving there in a year or two so jealous x

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