Keeping Warm

With Christmas fast approaching and the noticeably quieter nights, I always like to find ways to keep my house nice and warm.

We are decorating our living room at  the moment, so as well as choosing colour schemes we are also making it feel and look nice and cosy for the winter months, but also nice and cool for the hot summer nights that we are only dreaming about at the moment.

I have already looked at flooring, as we currently have wooden flooring down, which I do love, as it is easier to keep clean especially with two dogs walking over it, but it does seem to be a bit chilly to walk on in the colder months and although I have a rug, we have decided we are going to recarpet this time as well, so that will make the room feel much warmer.

Another thing to consider is curtains, as this is where a lot of our warmth goes and drafts and come through, it is always so important to choose a good quality curtain.

With this is mind I checked Direct Blinds, to view their range of blinds and curtains, unfortunately my husband started to get that glazed over look that men often get, as I sat looking at colours and styles deciding if I wanted plain or patterned or striped curtains, then if I wanted pleated or eyelets to how long I wanted them.  I am lucky with my lounge window as I can either have them to fit the window or long curtains.

I have fancied to have floor length curtains for a while now, and so we finally narrowed our choice down to floor length curtains and chose a thermal curtains, as these would be energy efficient in keeping the room warmer.

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