How Convenient Is A Microwave To You

Nearly every kitchen has a microwave. But how often do you use yours, are you one of those people who have one but never use it? Or are you someone who could not live without yours?

I love my microwave. It has been said many times before that I could not live without one, and it is true, I love mine.

As a busy Mum, I find I use my microwave as a helping hand to make things a little easier for me in the kitchen. When we first had one many years ago. I tried all sorts of things and had many disasters, but like anything it is trial and error.

I use mine for

  • Ready Meals – sometimes I have had to rush off somewhere and time just runs away and so it is a quick meal ready in seconds.
  • Reheating leftovers – if we have had a takeaway we will reheat the next day
  • Home cooked meals – I always cook extra when making bolognaise, chilli etc,  for days when I know I am going to be busy I can just defrost and reheat and have a meal in minutes.
  • Frozen Veg – I never use a saucepan to cook my frozen veg now, I simply heat while dishing up the rest of the meal and it is ready to serve in minutes
  • Eggs, scrambled eggs are quick and easy and you can do other things whilst they are cooking instead of standing over the pan and stirring.  I am yet to master the art of poached and boiled eggs, yes I have tried and cleared up the mess.
  • Puddings – Mug cakes are great to make a quick dessert if you fancy something sweet, or if one of your kids has a friend over and you have nothing in.

I could go on a lot more, a microwave to me is an addition or helping hand. I know people who use theirs for a lot more especially the combination microwaves.

Are you a microwave lover or hater? What do you use yours for?

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