Something For A Rainy Day

With the cold nights here, and hasn’t it turned cold quickly, if like me you go into a cocoon and the thought of going out in the cold dark wet night just has no appeal anymore.  Or having to de-ice the car before you can go anywhere, which to me is the easiest way to stay inside nice and warm.  This is all fine but sometimes I can find I get a bored or just feel like escaping for a bit, here are a few things I do to keep the rainy day blues/evenings and nights at bay.

I sometimes treat myself to a bit of online bingo or slots, like other people treat themselves to a new pair of shoes or handbag (which I am also quite partial to), one of my treats is to make a small deposit and emurse into my own little world.  Just lately I have enjoyed playing slots, I watch as the reels spin around and stop revealing if I have had a win or not.

When playing games I look for online gaming sites that have good reviews and have bonus offers for joining, my view is if they want me to use their site, they are going to have to make it attractive for me to join. I am always very careful if playing online games and only deposit a certain limit and stick to it, no matter how much you want to, never keep depositing money as you will look back later and think why did I do that.

Other ways I vanish away the winter blues is by having film evenings where we all sit down with bowls of popcorn and we snuggle up on the settee to watch a film together.

Baking is one of my passions, I love making cakes and cookies, fresh bread and lovely hearty warming soups, I find that during the warmer months I tend to hardly do any baking, so when the colder weather comes I can often be found in the kitchen creating my latest creation, or searching the web looking for inspiration or new recipes to try.

What do you do to banish the rainy day blues?





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