Wallsauce.com Review

If like me you find the idea of decorating exciting, but then the reality of choosing how to decorate hard work as you need to decide colour schemes and wallpaper design, then carry on reading as I might just have the answer to your dreams.

One room I always find difficult is my Daughters room, as with kids they usually have a theme, and finding the right wallpaper can often cause us nightmares.  But now you can create a theme very easily with wall murals.  Wallsauce have some amazing kids murals on their site that will theme any childs bedroom.

They have themes for younger children ranging from jungle, to animals, pirates and sea creatures, right up to the older children with hop hop graffiti, planets and many more

This is just a small selection of the wall murals available to buy, you can find them here to view their full range of murals or how you can create your very own mural.

We have been looking at wall murals ourselves lately as they can really add to a room, and done properly they are so easy to put up.

We have used a wall mural in the past and loved it, as it really did work well with where we hung it, and got so many compliments on it.

Wall murals work especially well in a childs bedroom, as you can have an instant theme straight away and then it is just a case of finding a colour and accessories that match in with the theme.

Have you ever had a mural or have you ever looked at having one but never found the right one or wanted to design your own.

*This is a sponsored post but all content is my own **images taken from the Wallsauce.com website.



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