Keeping Warm While Walking The Dog

If you are a dog owner, you will know that one of the jobs that come with owning a dog is their daily walks, this is one thing both my husband and I usually enjoy.  Even on colder days there is something nice about getting out in the fresh air and clearing your head, make mental lists of jobs to do.

Now the colder weather is here and it is getting colder, our dog still insists on his walk, he is fine as he has two coats so the cold weather does not affect him, if anything he prefers it.

I was recently asked if I would like to review some winter outer  wear to make our dog walking trips a little easier and to keep warm.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to both walk the dog together lately due to commitments and caring for our Daughter.

Max leading me through the woods

As we have not been able to all get out together I have collated the items we chose.


When out on our walks I prefer to have a lighter jacket/coat on and chose the Peter Storm 3 in 1 Jacket which is now £50 reduced from £100 and can be found on the website.
I also chose a Peter Storm Womens Daisy Cable Knit Hat which is now £7 reduced from £14 and can be found on the website .
My husband chose the Peter Storm Men’s Peter Parka which is now £50 reduced from £100 and can be found on the website.
As we have been unable to walk Max together, we have both worn our new coats and have been out in rain and wind and cold conditions.  We both have agreed these are great coats to keep you warm whilst out in the winter cold.
How do you wrap up to take your dog for a walk?
* I was gifted these items for review, all content is my own.

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