Codenames Game Review

As you will remember from previous posts I am a member of a board games club. Each month you are sent a new game to play and enjoy.


This month I received the game Codenames which is a board game for 2-8 players, where two teams compete with each team having a Spymaster who will  give one word clues which can point to multiple words on the board.  The other players on the team have to attempt to guess their teams word while avoiding the words of the other team.

How To Play

  • Players split into two teams – Red and Blue and one player is selected as the teams Spymaster
  • There are 3 stacks of cards – code name cards, map cards and identity cards
  • You have 25 code name cards which each have a word and are laid out in a 5×5 grid – these code names represent some red agents, some blue agents and one represents a deady assassin and the rest of the cards are innocent bystanders.
  • The Spymaster is given a map card (only the Spymaster knows the location of the other teams and bystanders.
  • Teams take turns, on each turn the Spymaster gives a hint about their agents identities by giving verbal hints about the word of the card, but each hint can only be a single word or number
  • The game ends when all of one teams agents are identified or when one team has identified the assassin

My feelings on the game

My view on the game is that at first it sounds quite confusing but as you start to get into the game it becomes fun and exciting, and would be great to play with just the two of you, or have some friends round for a games night.

Codenames can be played by 2-8 players aged 10+

Where to buy

Codenames is currently available at Amazon for £13.36

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Do you love playing games?  What is your favourite game?








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