What Makes A Perfect Working Environment

What makes a perfect working environment to you? This is something that I have heard a few times and had many discussions about.  I have worked in different fields where my working environments have all been totally different.

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My working environment

I started working in an Employment Agency carrying out their administration and book work.  Here my desk would be tidy and I knew where everything was.  My desk was situated by a window and I used to love having the natural daylight.  The office was busy with applicants popping in and phones going.

My next position was with a Building Society, here I would either be working at a desk or counter.  Everyone knows how banks and building societies are layed out.  When working at a desk (unless in the banking hall), it was all artificial lighting and we saw no daylight.  It was busy and with work load and the various roles I worked on my desk was organised but very busy.  If on the counter we would try to also work but our main role was serving the customers, so was always busy.

I then worked for a Housing Trust, here my desk was by a window.  As my role had so many parts to it, my desk did look very cluttered and untidy, but I could always put my hand on whatever I needed.  I have never had so many in trays and pending trays.

My husband then started his own business and I worked alongside him dealing with the administration side. I would work at home on my dining room table, when my Daughter was sleeping.  We then decided to get our own premises.  This was when you realise that finding the right premises is not as easy as you would think.  We would search the website and found companies like www.pallmallestates.co.uk/industrial  They would list every unit currently available in the areas we were looking, and we eventually found one that was even better than we were originally looking for.

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Working from home

Now I work from home and my office is my house, depending on what my work load is, I either choose to sit at my desk which is by a window and over looks my garden, if working here I like silence so now radio or tv and no distractions.  Other times I will sit with my laptop on my lap in front of my tv and work while watching tv.  I am also known to take my laptop to bed with me and work while in bed at night.  I know this is not ideal but sometimes, if I have not been able to do the work I had planned for the day, it helps me to do a little bit of work.

What is your working environment like?

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  1. 3rd November 2017 / 8:45 am

    An interesting read, this! My working environment is the kitchen table with the hustle and bustle of family life going on around me. It kinda sucks having the washing machine in the same place as your ‘thinking’ space, lol!

    • admin
      3rd November 2017 / 10:50 am

      My work space right at this moment is a coffee on my settee catching up on work and my soaps 🙂

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