Blogtober17 – Day 9 – Ice Cream

Todays topic in blogtober17 is all about ice cream, now this a subject I can talk about, as although I do not eat it often I do love it.

Photo by Andris Romanovskis on Unsplash


When I first started writing my blog 2 years ago, I shared a recipe for quick and easy ice cream, that is very easy to make and only a few ingredients, you can see the recipe here.  It is honestly one of the easiest things I make.

You start off with the basic mixture and can then personalise to your own taste.  One of C’s favourite ice creams is cookie dough ice cream, and every christmas she asks for this specifically.  Depending on time I also make my own cookie dough, although last year I found cookie dough in the chilled section in Tesco and cheated.  You just make the ice cream as normal and then break in pieces of cookie dough.

Here are some other flavours we have tried

  • Chocolate Chip – Sprinkle in some chocolate chips, or break down various chocolate bars to make a different flavour ie chocolate orange, mint aero
  • Caramel Fudge – use the caramel condensed milk instead and add in fudge pieces.
  • Chocolate Swirl – Swirl in chocolate sauce.  Or you can add toffee sauce, strawberry sauce etc

It really is so easy to make.

Another cheats ice cream and one if you do not have the ingredients for the above is bananas

Add 2 frozen bananas to a food processor and blend

every now and then scrape down the sides and continue to blend until you have a smooth mixture

Pour into a container with a lid and freeze for about an hour, or you can use straight away if you can not wait and have a smoother runnier ice cream.

I also saw a recipe yesterday using kiwis and mangos which is something I am going to try for a healthy alternative.

There really are some great ideas around at the moment for easy homemade ice creams.

What is your personal favourite flavours in your house?

My personal favourite is vanilla I just love anything vanilla, my husbands is rum and raisin and C’s is mint choc chip or cookie dough.



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  1. 12th October 2017 / 12:25 pm

    I do love a good rum and raisin, or a good mint choc chip! My favourite has to be banana, chocolate and caramel though which you can’t find very often! I need to try that frozen banana one, that sounds good and guilt free! 🙂

    • admin
      12th October 2017 / 10:08 pm

      I do not like rum and raisin or choc chip I leave those to my husband and daughter, the banana, chocolate and caramel sounds amazing though. The frozen banana is a great alternative and I now freeze down bananas that are a little too old and always have them on hand if needed x

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