Additional Education

As parents, education is a very important part of our childs development.  In the early years we as parents teach our children to speak, to recognise words and numbers, objects, colours the list is endless. We teach them through how we live daily, through play and through books.

Kimberly Farmer

Starting School

We then start their new chapter when we send them to school. Where they learn more and more everyday. From their teachers who have the experience to help them progress and learn more and more.  We still educate them and help with homework and reading. And enjoy watching them grow and talk about what they have learnt that day.

Secondary School

Then it is time for them to move on again, to their next chapter of secondary school. This is where they learn their independence, and really look towards their futures.  As with their earlier years, they continue to grow and learn. But now it is much more important for them to achieve. To be pushed and to be helped along the way.  This is where we have to give them the encouragement, and as much support as we possibly can.

When to get a tutor

Some children struggle in a subject, my Daughter struggles with a subject, she can do the work and gets good grades but she lacks the confidence as she does not find it easy, as she does in her other subjects.

This is when parents look at other ways that we can help our child, and look for additional education, like Hastings English Teacher.

Valerie is a qualified teacher with over 25 years experience in teaching English in secondary schools.  She works with Key Stage 3 pupils and GCSE level, and can work on a 1 to 1 basis or in small groups.  She will also come to your home to work, which makes is such a great help with the busy lives we all lead, and cost is from as little as £25 an hour.

A friend of mine has used a home tutor for additional tutoring for her son to help him with his GCSE’s, and now her Daughter, and it has really helped, and the improvement in her school work has increased dramatically.

Using an additional tutor such as Valerie, has shown such amazing results, sometimes our children just need someone who has the time, to sit and explain things in a different way, or someone who they can ask question after question, who has time to sit with them, unlike a teacher in school.

Would you use a tutor like Valerie for your child?  In my view our children need to be supported in their education in any way that we possibly can.


Additional Education



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