Orthotic Shop Review

We all know that alongside what we wear. Whether it is normal daily clothes or something special for a night out or special occasion. We also have to think about our footwear.  This for me is such a huge problem as I like my feet to be comfortable. Especially if I know I am going to be walking or standing around.  So when I heard about Orthotic Shop, I was intrigued to find out more.

Orthotic Shop is designed for healthy footwear, they take pride in being one of the top orthopedic shoe stores around, and carry a variety of foot care products to help with common conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, flat feet and diabetic foot care.

Some of the items they offer are

Orthotic Insoles

Ideal for me are the Orthotic Insoles, one of my most common sayings is ‘You have to be comfortable’, I either have to wear shoes I know I will be comfortable in, or if not sure I have to take another pair with me just in case. With Orthotic insoles, they slip into your favourite pair of shoes to give them the tlc treatment they deserve.  Having a proper orthopedic arch support helps to alleviate discomfort from common foot conditions.

Casually Comfortable Sandals

In the summer I live in flip flops, I have pairs for daytime and pairs for evenings to me they are my most comfortable shoes to wear.

Orthopedic open-toed shoes are comfortable and supportive.  To avoid flat feet you can purchase insoles explicitly to fit the inside of your summer footwear, or you can purchase sandals with built in orthotic arch support. They offer a variety of brands and styles.

Orthopedic Work Shoes


If you are on your feet all day, your feet are going to suffer, so wearing the correct shoes will help you get through your day easier.  You will find a section for work shoes which offer everything from tell toe cap boots to office shoes.


If like me you want comfort, but are fussy on the shoes you will wear, they even offer fashion shoes which cover daytime wear, out and about to evening.

This is just a small sample of what you can purchase, they even offer children’s shoes to braces and supports.

If you suffer with your feet, why not pop over and have a look to see their full range







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