Weekly Update – 22/08/2017

Another week has passed already, and as always there has been a few stressful moments and some fun and lovely moments.  So here is a look at what we have been up to last week.

I will start of with C, she is still getting used to her increased dose of her medication, luckily we have a review with our GP next week to dicuss it.  She has been up and down really and had a few moments where I have found her collapsed on her bedroom floor.  Friday night, I went into see her to give her medication, and she was holding her jaw and crying, she was in agony and even drinking hurt.  I could not get hold of anyone, so went off to Tesco and got a variety of things, thinking it could be teeth rather than her jaw.  I managed to get her settled and she did manage some sleep.  Saturday morning, I rang our dentist who luckily was in, and she told me to bring her straight down and she will fit her in.  She is great and knows all about C’s medical issues.  Although she could not check the X-rays as their computer crashed, she said it looks like her teeth are ok, and is to do with her jaw.  While we were there she also did the mould for her mouth guard, which we have to go back and get on Friday.  I promise one day I will post some good news about her.

Saturday was the baby shower, although I talk to my Daughter in law daily on the phone, we have not had chance to meet in person, so it was going to be a first meeting as well.  I rang her in the morning to say we would be late due to C, but we are still going.  We arrived over an hour late, and my husband dropped me off.  I rang to say I was there and she came out to meet me and we went in, I met her Mum and variety of friends and family and felt like I had known them all for years.  Everyone was surprised at how I just fitted in.  We played a variety of games and had such a great time.

After the baby shower, I was given a lift to the hotel we were staying in and met my husband and eldest son (the father to be) and had an couple of hours with him, before we got ready to go to the pub to carry on the celebrations.  I have never known an evening like it for a very long time, every time I looked down at the table there was another drink there, I still felt rough the next day which is not like me at all.  Her parents are lovely and we have already arranged to meet up and have a night out with them soon.

I hope you have all had a good week, what have you been up to?


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