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The British driving test is one of the most difficult to pass—this is according to many people who have tried obtaining a UK license before. This is the reason why many people take ample time in preparing for the exams to get a license. For those who rush into taking one without due practice, many fail and have to repeat the process over again. Thus, the right preparation must be done first before you go through the process or you will just be wasting time and money.

While the tests are hard, the steps to getting a UK license are easy.  The criteria to make one eligible for licensing include: Great Britain residence, meeting minimum age and eyesight requirement, with no reasons for driving prevention, and possess a passport or other forms of identification. After obtaining a provisional driver’s license which is needed for the driving test and some practice, of course, you may start applying for your UK driver’s license.

Here are the steps:


  1.    Take Driving Lessons

With your provisional driver’s license, you can start taking driving lessons. License applicants are advised to learn from approved driving instructors. They can also learn from family and friends but under certain conditions. A learner must have “L” posted prominently at the back and front of the vehicle when driving. While there are no required minimum hours and lessons, experts recommend that an average person must have around 47 hours of lessons and 22 hours of private practice.

  1.    Pass the Exams

There are two examinations that an applicant must pass before obtaining a license—theory exam and practice exam. The theory exam has two parts: the first part is a 50-question multiple choice test that covers everything from road signs to safety and requires 43 correct answers within 57 minutes. The second part is a hazard perception test where an applicant must identify 15 hazards in a string of short videos. The passing requirement for the second part is at least 44 out of 74 correct answers.

The practice exam, on the other hand, is made of three parts: an eyesight check, vehicle safety questions, and testing of driving ability. The eyesight check will include a reading of license plates at 20m, while vehicle safety questions are also known as show me, tell me questions. Finally, in the driving test, the applicant must show mastery in maneuvering the vehicle that will last for 40 minutes.

  1.   Contact the DVLA

The DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency holds tens of millions of driving records and is in-charge of everything that is related to getting a driver’s license.  Contact the DVLA and you will be sure to avoid any hard times in processing your license once you pass the exams. DVLA also provides the photo card driving license and vehicle registration that will allow you to drive around the country.

Ensure that all proper documents are secured in every step so you won’t have any problems in finally getting your driver’s license.



  1. 15th April 2017 / 6:00 pm

    It took me forever to pass my driving test, I failed 5 times! I’m glad I finally got there though.

    • admin
      24th April 2017 / 11:35 am

      I passed second time, I know someone who took over 10 times to pass their test x

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