Job Hunting Trends & Tips for 2017

The job market always brings about new trends and patterns for job seekers to work

around. For those of you looking for, or even open to, finding a job in the UK this year, here

is a number of forecasted trends for the year 2017.


The best time to get hired may be when you already have a job

Job seekers today have the upper hand and are expected to throughout 2017. In case you

already have a job but would be open to other opportunities, it may just be the perfect time

to subliminally hunt for a new job. Whether you are interested in relocating or even a greater

salary, the job market is in a state that favors your position. Recruiters have to come up with

new ways to compete for talent and knowing your value is a great way to start.


Candidate experience and company culture

Millennials make up a third of today’s workforce and often value the experience they have

when job hunting. For example, if you go to a company’s website in hopes of learning more

about the company culture and available positions, but instead only find a brief company

description and a career section that is hard to navigate through, maybe you would consider

it a poor first interaction with the company. If this were to happen on the page of a potential

employer, this candidate experience may lead to some concerns before an application or an

interview could even begin. In 2017, personalization and a focus on the candidate

experience will become two important aspects of the job search.


Social media saviness is necessary

These days, connections are key. Whether it be in person or via social media, having a

great network and connecting with people are both especially helpful to find a job. You can

leverage social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to connect with

friends, family or previous co-workers to express your interests and have a strong social

media presence. You never know who you could connect with that may have a

recommendation or hear of an opening that may fit your profile and interests.


It would also be useful to set up an account on one of the established and credible job

search sites., for example, lets you look for a job according to profession

and location, and also includes cities with less saturated markets – just think of the great

opportunity for jobs in a city like Cardiff vs. one with a market as saturated as that of



Greater prioritization of emotional intelligence

In the past, the chances of job seekers getting hired mainly centered around their capability

to perform well. Nowadays, it is more of a two-way road. As candidates prioritize company

culture, companies will also put greater emphasis on the emotional intelligence of the

candidate to ensure a good fit for company culture. Higher emotional intelligence means

that an employee will be able to connect with colleagues and customers better, be confident

and have the understanding and flexibility to perform at a high level.


The current state of the job market puts you in a great position to land your next job,

significantly better one than most job seekers of previous generations had to work with. The

time right now is more promising than ever, in terms of working with market trends and

taking the next step in your job hunt.

*Written in collaboration with Mary.D


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