Antique Jewellery with Berganza

One of my greatest loves (apart from my family), is jewellery I love walking past jewellery shops and doing a bit of window shopping. As I have a milestone birthday coming up, I thought it would be nice to get something special to mark the occasion, and Berganza, have some amazing antique rings that I have fallen in love with.

Berganza are a family run business in Hatton Garden, who supply the finest quality jewellery for any style from Roman Jewellery to Art Deco. Along with outstanding customer service.

As it is a birthday milestone for me in April, I headed to their Birthstones and Anniversaries section, I never knew there was so many anniversaries to celebrate, I missed out on Diamonds for my 10th wedding anniversary, Pearl and coloured Gems for my 12th and Ivory or Gold Jewellery for my 14th.  But I do know it is watches for my 15th so will be dropping hints on that.

Back to the birthday jewellery, I already knew my birthstone is diamond, and I love Sapphires, so I clicked on the diamonds and sapphires and started writing my wish list.






This is just 3 of the rings I have fallen in love wish and can only dream about owning, but for anyone looking for something special, Berganza have an amazing range of jewellery for all occasions and taste.
What would your dream piece of jewellery be?
*This is a sponsored post, but all content is my own.



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