Brightening Up a Dull Evening











Once you have put the children to bed, and can finally curl up on the sofa you will probably be hoping there

is going to be something worth watching on TV to keep you amused and entertained for the next few

hours, before it’s your turn to wander upstairs to bed.


However, you will not need us to tell you a lot of the shows, documentaries, films and TV series you can

watch will not be to your taste, or may even be repeats of shows you have seen sometime in the past!


With that in mind if you fancy doing something to brighten up an otherwise dull evening then how about

setting aside some time to have some fun on the slots and to be able to do so you will not need to venture

outside your front door and only need to have a computer, tablet device or even a mobile phone!


If you are quite partial to playing slot machines then one thing you are not going to find a shortage of are

online and mobile slot games that offer all of the bells and whistles as those slots available in any land

based venues such as a bingo club, amusement arcade or you local pub or casino!


Best Slots to Play

It was many years ago that the first types of slot machines were invented and as such if you have never

played such games for years then you are going to find them much more advanced than the older styled

three reel single pay-line slots you may have played as a child at a seaside amusement arcade!


The most played slot machines these days in any playing environment are what are known as video slots,

for those slot games have TV screens attached to them which is where all of the reel symbols and bonus

game animations and graphics are displayed.


You will be able to play video slots offering a small or huge number of pay lines, and many slots come

packed with bonus games and bonus features too which makes playing them very entertaining. Plus, many

of the very latest video slots come with instantly recognised themes that could be famous singers such as

Britney Spears or are themed around TV show and films.


Increase Your Winning Chances

One thing you will want to do when playing slot machines is of course to win as much as you can do, and as

such you may be interested in a few slot playing hints and tips. The most savvy slot machine player is going

to play slots offering payout percentages higher than 96% as those slots will always pay back more of your

stakes as winning payouts over the long term


Be aware that when playing slot machines online newly released slots have not been configured to payout

more whilst those games are new as land based slot machines are, so never think you will win more playing

a brand new online slots as unless that slot has a high fixed long term payout percentage that will not be

the case!


One final thing to keep in mind to get more play time and more winning opportunities is that bonuses are

going to be made available to you when you are a member of most casino sites, but the best bonuses come

with the lowest play through requirements and have no maximum cash out rules attached to them!


But if you want to have the ability to play any slot games without any restrictions and have the option of

cashing out your winnings at any time then only play with your own money and never claim a casino sites




  1. 21st February 2017 / 12:26 pm

    Lots of good points made about how to play safely and not be restricted by bonuses.

    • admin
      21st February 2017 / 4:03 pm

      Thank you x

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