Blogtober Day 30 – A Letter To Someone

It is Day 30 of Blogtober and todays topic is a letter to someone.  I have sat here and started writing many letters and stopped, and rewritten.  I just can not find the right words or the right topic.

I am going through a very emotional time at the moment and struggling with a lot of things.

My daughter turns 13 next week, and a letter will be written then. But right now I am very angry and very bitter and not able to write to anyone.

Here is a letter I wrote in February, although we are a bit further on, how I feel is still the same.  You can read it here



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  • Kim Carberry 2 years ago Reply

    Sending love and hugs! I hope things are better soon x

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    Thank you x

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