Blogtober Day 15 – Timeline of my day

It is Blogtober Day 15 and today is a timeline of my day.

This is a difficult one for me, as no two days are the same, so am going to do a general day.

6.30am – S gets up, and as he is an 18 year old, he has not quite learnt the art of being quiet in the mornings, so lots of doors banging and stomping down the stairs, with the front door banging as he goes off to work.
8.00 – I make a coffee and check through my social media and emails
9.00 am – another coffee and housework
10.30 am – check in on my Daughter if she has not surfaced, as sometimes she is too bad to get up and waits for me to go into see her
11.30 am – start getting C prepared for school, making sure everything is easy to hand for her, and sorting out her lunch
12.45 – Out the door to take C to school, once there discuss with her tutor if it is only going to be for an hour or a bit longer.
1pm – Back home for my lunch and sit and to do some work
2pm – Pick C up and back home, and then it is back to work for me once I have made another coffee
5pm – Start sorting dinner out, this always entails a lengthy discussion with C, about what she fancies and how she is feeling to what she has for dinner.  She will then have the same as us or something easy to eat, especially at the moment due to jaw pain
6-6.30 – sit down for dinner
7pm – Time for my soaps, hubby goes upstairs to watch his programs and I sit down with my laptop and work while watching my soaps.
8pm – S comes in from work and I sort his dinner (well tell him it is plated up and just needs warming through) and have a chat.  Also time for medication and a drink for C
9pm – It is shower, coffee and watching whichever series me and my hubby watch together before bed.

As you can see my life is not very exciting, but on average this is a normal day in my household.


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