Getting to know the real me – The answers

tLast week, I had a moment and decided to put myself into your hands. I gave you the opportunity to get to know the real me. And asked you to send your questions to me.

I have had an amazing response, and some great questions.

So here goes

I would like to know what your biggest go to in a stressed parenting moment is. Wine is not allowed lol x

I think it is a bit mean saying I am not allowed to say wine, would vodka be appropriate :).  Over the years, I have had plenty of stressful parenting moments. Especially when all 3 were younger and together, it would be permanent stress.  The best thing I found was to walk away, into another room or upstairs. I then take a deep breathe and count to 10 or 100 depending on how bad it was. Then go back and sort out the latest drama.  Then coffee and lots of it.  These days the kids are a lot older and all get along ok.

The only thing that stresses me out these days, is fighting for my Daughter with her illness. The amount of brick walls I have to face and constant chasing, fighting for something.  I usually bottle it all in and then blow and I become less rational and tears of frustration start to pour out. Only recently, my Mum had to take the phone from me. Once that was sorted and I had calmed down I went and chilled out in my room on my own for half an hour x

I would like to know what has been your biggest triumph as a mother to date?

Apart from the obvious of keeping the kids alive, I think it has to be the day I had my Daughter, those that have followed me for a long time, will have read my story during babyloss awareness week last year, if not you can read it here.  That is my biggest triumph.  But seeing all 3 of my children growing up and caring and supporting each other makes me feel very proud of them all.

I’d like to ask what one piece of advice would you give to a new mother?

When you are pregnant with your first child, you read all the books and magazines, you read things online and listen to friends and family.  My advice is forget all that you have read and just go with the flow.  All babies are different, some sleep and some don’t, some feed more than others.  Just follow your instincts and enjoy it.  Forget the housework and pristine house, don’t stress and enjoy being a Mum x

If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?

I would love to be away on holiday, we had promised C we would take her to the Dominican this year. Sadly due to her illness we have not booked anything.  So it would be to be on holiday just the 3 of us. To be sipping cocktails by the pool, enjoying ourselves.

I’d like to know what brings you your greatest moments of happiness as a mother.

Seeing my children happy, when you look at their faces and see the happiness in their smiles. Also when they are sleeping and check on them at night and see their innocent contented little faces.  That is pure happiness x

What is your biggest fear? Do you have something you’re desperate to overcome?

I actually have a few fears, but probably the main one is spiders. no idea why I hate them, my other fears are things that I have no control on so have to learn to live with those.  I have no desire to overcome my fear of spiders 🙂

How do you manage blogging and being a parent too?

When I started blogging, C was at school, so I used to do find it easy during school hours. I would then work in the evening.  Since she has been ill and not attending school, my routine has had to change. I am a Mum first and between caring for C and making sure she is ok, and various hospital and Dr appointments. Being honest I have found it harder, plus it has been quite hard and emotional on me. I have found carrying on with my blog as I was very hard and it has been a bit neglected at times.  I am now feeling, much calmer and feel things are slotting back into place.  So now I find I blog on and off during the day and catch up in the evenings.

I’d like to know how you chill. (Mainly because I need the answer myself!)

I love my soaps, and am happy to sit and watch those and go into fantasy land.  I also meet up (when I can) with friends for a coffee and catch up. Just getting out on my own and not worrying for an hour or so really helps refresh me.   I also love nights out with my husband and friends always a good way to recharge those batteries.

what has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?

As you will know  C has been diagnosed with ME/CFS, so my blog has also featured this and awareness of this horrible illness.  My little blog has made a difference and I have had so many messages of support and thank you’s from all over the world.  That has really been a highlight (in a weird way)

I’d like to know what the biggest thing you’ve learnt in the last year while you’ve been blogging has been? (About blogging or more generally!)

I think the biggest thing I have learnt is just how much hardwork blogging is, it takes a lot of time and dedication, and I think unless you are serious about being a blogger the first year will see whether you stay or quit.  Also just how amazing and supportive the blogging community is.

how do you balance blogging with being a mother? I don’t have kids and I find it difficult to make time for blogging sometimes so I can’t imagine how you manage

It was easier when I started blogging, as my Daughter is older and not little anymore, so was quite easy, and then when she started Secondary School in September I had a lot more time on my hands as I had no school runs.  Since New Year and she has been ill, I have had to juggle things a lot more with various appointments and more runnng around, as she is in bed a lot depending on what kind of a day she is having, and she can not go out alone, and it has obviously meant my blogging work has taken a bit of a back seat.  But I now seem to be able to work odd times throughout the day and in the evenings.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

I love baking and trying new recipes out, I also am a soap addict and have to get my daily fix on those, or catching up with friends and just being me for a while.

What are the positives and negatives you have found with blogging?

The positives to blogging has to be the blogging community and the great friends I have made through it.  Blogging also means I get to read loads of new and different blogs that I would not have read.

The negatives to blogging, has to be you never switch off, your mind is always working, whether it be about a post I have to write, or a review I need to carry out, remembering something that has happened, or thinking that would make a great post.

I would like to know if you could go back in time what moment would you choose to take a different path, or would you do everything the same.

If I could go back in time, I would go back 25 years ago, and not have turned up at the church to marry my ex, but I do think in life, things happen for a reason, and maybe if I hadn’t of married him, I would not be in the happy relationship I am now and have my Daughter.

I’d want to know what has been your proudest moment as a mum?

This is such a tough one, as there have been so many, but one that came to my mind first apart from the first time she called me Mummy, was when she was 3 years old and was having dancing lessons, C’s dance school put on a show at the local theatre, and C and 2 other 3 year olds were billed as ‘The Little Stars’ and they stole the show.  I had tears in my eyes watching her on stage singing and dancing. She was not fazed by the stage and huge audience at all.

Where do you see your blog in the next 5 years?

Hopefully still here and blogging, although I may have to changed it to StressedNanny by then, now the boys are grown up.








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  1. hannah
    6th August 2016 / 5:16 pm

    I can’t really comment properly on this as I don’t have any kids of my own x

  2. 6th August 2016 / 11:06 pm

    Love this post. What a really interesting read. It’s excellent that your blogging has helped spread awareness for your daughter’s illness.

    Thank you for sharing xx

    • admin
      8th August 2016 / 11:59 am

      Thank you, I have been amazed at the response from the awareness x

    • admin
      8th August 2016 / 10:28 am

      Thank you x

  3. 7th August 2016 / 5:17 pm

    You’re doing so well to still keep going with blogging despite everything you’ve got going on. Good on you. Great post to read xxx

    • admin
      8th August 2016 / 10:28 am

      Thank you 🙂 x

  4. 9th August 2016 / 5:56 am

    Great post! It’s really lovely to read more about you.

    • admin
      11th August 2016 / 10:32 am

      Thank you x

  5. 10th August 2016 / 2:52 pm

    Fab post, I love learning more about the person behind the blog. And I did laugh at the stressed nanny comment, in a slightly nervous ‘OMG that will be me in a few years’ way

    • admin
      11th August 2016 / 10:32 am

      Glad I made you laugh, the boys are older now but hopefully wont be making me a nanny just yet, but I make no secret I want to be a nanny x

  6. 14th August 2016 / 4:12 am

    So lovely to find out more about you! I am in awe that you still manage to blog when you already have such a busy life and I did laugh when you said you have no desire to conquer the fear of spiders x

    • admin
      14th August 2016 / 12:37 pm

      Thank you, it is busy here but normal so no different to everyone else, just in a different way. And don’t mention spiders you should have seen me yesterday while I was driving.

  7. 19th August 2016 / 12:26 am

    You really are an inspiration with everything you’ve done and gone through! I’m wishing for you to get that holiday to the Dominican, I know I always loved it there so I hope you can get a holiday booked soon, you all deserve it!

    • admin
      20th August 2016 / 1:23 pm

      Thank you a holiday anywhere would be nice at the moment 🙂 x

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