When a day does not go quite as planned

Can you remember those very rare days where you have (or think you have). A nice quiet day where you have a stupid idea, that you can plan your day and get lots done. Well… View Post

Getting Fed Up

I am really starting to feel Fed Up. I am bored and had enough, and I am sure most of you will agree with me. When are we going to start getting nicer weather. Where… View Post

Preparing for your next Summer adventure

Preparing for your next summer adventure: 4 things to do before you go With summer fast approaching, there’s a chance you’ve already got your holiday plans in place. To ensure a smooth trip, there are… View Post


This is the first post, in what will become a regular feature. I will start by recapping on our story of how we got here. How it all began On New Years Eve, we were… View Post

For those of your with younger children

I know I haven’t written any posts about what my Daughter has been up to.  Due to her being so ill this year. But when I did, a lot of people used to start to… View Post

Customer Service!

In all the jobs I have had, I have always had customer facing roles.  We all know that the customer is not always right. I have always been trained in giving good customer service. And… View Post

What kind of Mum are you?

What kind of Mum are you? I was browsing facebook with my morning coffee and came across one of those silly apps.  I do like to have a go just to see what they say.… View Post

Crazy Bear – Beaconsfield

Each year we have a family meal out with my parents and Aunt and Uncle.  This year we chose The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield for our annual meet up. Arriving On arrival you walk in and… View Post

Carrot, Oats and Apple Sauce Treats for Dogs

Following on from last weeks post, where myself and Max baked Peanut Butter Honey Cakes.  We thought we would try Carrot, Oats and Apple Sauce Treats for Dogs. Max loves his carrots and I think… View Post

Peanut Butter Honey Cake for Dogs

I was talking with someone the other day and they suggested baking for dogs. I mentioned it to my husband who laughed and then we got chatting about it.  I love baking, but have never… View Post