Elevenses In The Office

Elevenses In The Office

We all like our elevenses, a nice little pick me up mid morning while we carry on working.

I was very happy to be invited to take part and be featured in a new ebook Elevenses in the officeit is a selection of 20 recipes covering treats, snacks, smoothies and shakes, for our mid morning fix.

Myself and other like minded bloggers shared our recipes for an elevenses snack or treat, that will keep you going until lunchtime, or to have as a treat anytime of the day, not just elevenses.

You will find some amazing recipes inclusing my banana bread.  The ebook is split into different categories from:-

Breakfast on the Go – which has some amazing ideas and recipes for quick and easy breakfasts.

Energy Boost – with some great recipes to give you that bit of energy you sometimes lack by mid morning.

Make-Ahead Wonders – some lovely ideas for things you can make in advance

Sharing is Caring – These sound lovely and will make you very popular in your workplace if you make and share these lovely recipes.

Free From – some lovely gluten free and vegetarian recipes to try

Friday Treats – we have worked hard all week, so how about a nice treat for that Friday mid morning break.

The ebook is brought to you free by Furniture@work, and you can download your free copy here

I will definitely be trying out some of the other recipes in this book.





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  • Ickle Pickle 3 years ago Reply

    This is such a good idea – I work from home on my own, but still like a cheeky elevenses snack! Kaz x

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    I work from home with my husband, and always ready for an elevenses x

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