My Week – 05/03/2016

I can not believe it is that time of the week, for my weekly post of what has been happening in my life.

For those that are following me, my Daughter is still not well. Monday we managed to get her to school for a couple of hours, but came home in tears and feeling so unwell.

Her consultant rang me Monday evening, with the results of her MRI that she had on Saturday and they came back all clear, so a huge sigh of relief, he also confirmed that she had at some stage caught the Glandular Fever Virus and to continue with the medication that makes her sleep and spaced out. I actually felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and for the first night in a very long time, I slept all night without waking.

Tuesday, once she had woken up (at lunchtime), I rang into school to say she would be in that afternoon, they were fine but said they wanted her in full time as of next week. I managed to get her up and dressed and she was complaining her legs hurt. She got down to me and collapsed on me as her legs were just too painful. So a mad dash to hospital (again), quick email into school. We were given different medication (I can now start my own pharmacy I think) and being told it is looking like ME, which we have been wondering ourselves for a long time. Our Consultant was not on site, but she spoke to him while we were there, and he was going to phone me.

Wednesday, she was wiped out after the day before, and Thursday my Consultant rang me, and I had the best conversation with him. He listened to everything I had to say, he has prescribed additional medication to help the pain in her legs. She is borderline ME but this can not be diagnosed fully until she has been like this for 6 months, so we are carrying on with the hope it is Glandular Fever and that she will recover. He is arranging physiotherapy for her and writing to school to confirm this with them. I also emailed school with this and asking for a proper plan put in place so her education is not disrupted too much. I was very honest with the consultant and he said we are doing everything we can and giving her all the support we can, which as any parent knows, when your child is ill and you feel so helpless, someone telling you that you are doing ok means so much.

So athough it could be bad news, I am keeping everything crossed that one day she will say she feels a bit better.

I also wrote a review post this week on peamutt butter for dogs, and my mad boy has become quite a star.


Max the poser

He loves his peamutt butter

We have also been very busy in the studio this week, I love it in there, as I can sit and relax and get a lot of work done, without being a million miles away from my Daughter.

Yesterday, I stepped out of my comfort zone and entered into the big wide world of YouTube with my first ever video. It is not brilliant and there are improvements that could be made, but for a first attempt it is ok,I just need to sort my voice out.

So it has been a mixed week for us, how has your week been?


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