My Week 13/02/16

My Week 13/02/16

One day I am going to start a ‘My Week’ post with positive and happy news. That day will come one day I promise.

Monday morning I was at the Dr for an angry rash on my neck and arm. It is caused by stress, so no surprise there really. Got some fantastic cream that worked amazingly so am fine now.

More stress with school

Tuesday, picked my Daughter up from school and she said he found a bug thing in her hair. I am sure you don’t need any guesses as to what it was. I was not happy, she has only been to school or been in bed.  So there I was going out later and getting treatment. Found one that I could leave on overnight and then spent Wednesday morning combing through her hair. I rang school to say why she would not be in that day. As her head was killing her, due to her being ill and this has not helped.

Another hospital appointment

Thursday saw us at her hospital appointment. I thought we were pretty lucky as it was at an outpatients clinic nearer to home and easy to park. The appointment was really good and he decided to do further blood tests. Which meant we had to go to the main hospital. And also flagged something else up that could be linked. Which I have an appointment for already which I booked a few weeks ago.  Getting the bloods were a nightmare but got sorted in the end and 5 vials later we were going home. This took it all out of her bless her.

Later that night I was googling what the Dr had said earlier and what he had flagged up could be linked to what is wrong with her. It did bring up a few things that we have put down to growing pains. So I will be asking about that on Tuesday.  But for now we have to wait to see if the blood tests show anything and wait an MRI scan. But if her head gets worse we have to take her straight to A&E for a CT scan.

The studio

In better news, the studio is coming along now and not much more to do. Plus we have done it all with no arguments this time 🙂  it is going to look so different but even nicer.  Hopefully I will get my lounge back in the next few days. As at the moment it is a pile of boxes and flooring etc.

This morning I am back at the hospital as my Mum has to go and have something done. So I am dropping my parents off and then going to Matalan and Aldi for a bit of retail therapy and to do the dreaded food shop. I have not done a full shop in Aldi before.

This morning the postman delivered my Daughters progress report. I knew they were coming out as we had an email yesterday. I have said to my Daughter that it probably won’t be as good as normal but we are not worried as she has been ill.  Apart from 2 subjects she is doing amazingly well, am so proud of her. So will be buying her a little well done treat while I am out.

Next week is half term, although we won’t be doing much. We do have one of the boys and his girlfriend coming for a few days. My Daughter adores her brother and gets on so well with his girlfriend. So that is something to look forward to, and I have said if she feels up to it maybe us girls can go out and have a girly day.


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Comments (10)

  • Tori Gabriel 3 years ago Reply

    Your poor daughter. I amso hoping you get a diagnosis soon. It’s the not knowing what it is that makes it so much worse.

    Good news that the studio is coming on well.

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    I know it is heartbreaking to watch her, I am probably barking up the wrong tree but since seeing the consultant on Thursday and something he said, I did do a bit of googling and other things fit in so maybe we can get a bit nearer to treating her, but I am probably totally wrong.

    The studio is looking lovely, just a little bit more to do but it is going to look amazing when finished, and I can get my living room back

  • Claire 3 years ago Reply

    It sounds like you had a busy week. Hopefully you will get your girly day and it will take your mind off life’s stresses. x

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    It has been one of those weeks, am hoping we can get out even if it is for half an hour just to get her out and see how she goes Thank you x

  • Emma White 3 years ago Reply

    bless you doesn’t sound like a very positive week at all for you here’s hoping next week is more kinder to you

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    It has been a busy week, at least we are getting loads of tests done for her now, which will either rule out things or flag something up. Next week should be more positive and be a happier update x

  • Rhian Westbury 3 years ago Reply

    It sounds like it’s been a bit of a stressful week for both you and your daughter, I hope she gets better soon! x

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you, it has been and hopefully she will start to feel better soon or at least find out what is wrong with her x

  • Your week sounds like it was quite busy. Wishing you a better ahead.

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    It was busy, next week will be busy but in a great way thank youx

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