My Baby Diary Part 3

For those following my diary series, here is the final part to the series.  For those just tuning in you can read my story here and part 1 and part 2.

11th July 2003

Would you believe it, yesterday Taz was being a subborn little so and so and refused to move.  Today, we are having a great time dancing and moving about.  I think I should have had the scan today.

Why am I having an awkward child? Never mind at least there is a plus point and I see him/her again next Thursday.

I can not believe that I am 23 weeks tomorrow.

I am off work today, as we are going away for the weekend, and have things to sort out first, but it is so hot and I don’t want to do much.

14th July 2003

I am 23+2 weeks now, it is amazing.

We went away this weekend, which was lovely and the weather has been wonderful, if not a bit too hot. But there was a nice cool sea breeze which helped.

Anyway had to write and update, last night for the first time, my husband felt Taz move, it was wonderful as he had never felt movements before, and I swear he though I was making it all up.  It did make him smile, as it did when we went for the scan on Thursday as he sat there grinning from ear to ear the whole time we were there.

I am off work today, but only to catch up on washing etcm back tomorrow, but only another 10 weeks at work and counting.

17th July 2003

I am off for part 2 of my scan this morning, lets just hop Taz behaves him/herself, he/she was very active last night so I told him/her to have a nice rest and play in the morning.  So far it feels like we are still asleep.  Am keeping my fingers crossed we will find out what was missed last week.

Scan –  Well I went off for my scan this morning, and guess what Taz wasn’t playing ball again today.  We went in for the scan and the sonographer confirmed it was the spine we were checking, and I asked if they could find the sex as well, as soon as she started looking, she said Taz is in breech position sitting on its bum again, stubborn little so and so, but after tilting the bed so my feet were in the air she managed to check the spine, and all is ok and that we are having a nice healthy baby which is fantastic news, but she was still unable to check the sex, so will have to wait for the surprise in November, or October as my Mum reckons she has a feeling it will be early.

I was speaking to someone earlier today and her daughter had just had her baby 12 weeks early, that started me panicking as if Taz did the same I would only have 4 weeks to go, very scary, but won’t think like that, Taz wouldn’t do that to me.

I went out shopping at lunchtime, and brought a couple of cream outfits, but there are not a lof of shops where I work, and then my husband phoned me and told me he had been shipping as well, he brought some lovely stuff.  I really can’t wait to meet my baby.

20th July 2003

Well I am 24+1 weeks now.  Taz has been very active to say the least, except for the scans, but have forgiven him/her now.

We have had my youngest stepson staying with us this weekend, and he hasn’t stopped talking whole time he has been here, he is outside playing now, I think Taz is having a rest from all the chattering as well.

I have woken up with what feels like a trapped nerve in my bum, it is really painful.

I am seeing my GP for my 24 week check on Tuesday so will ask then if it is still painful, but hopefully it will be gone by then.

25th July 2003

What a week I have had, we had my youngest stepson staying with us last weekend, he is such a lovely little boy and we get on great, he is 6 and his brother is 8, we are having them both to stay for a week in a couple of weeks so that will be fun.

After all the horrible morning sickness (well 24 hour sickness), I had at the beginning of my pregnancy, I thought it was all over and done with, wrong….. it is back and it is not fair 🙁 it is not as bad as it was at the beginning, but for the past week or so I have been waking up feeling sick and it has stayed until the afternoon, and then it returns during the evening.

Taz is being very mobile now and his/her favourite playtime is about 10pm at night where my bump is moving arounf lots.  I love just watching my bump move and feeling Taz moving around, I could do that all day.

I have had quite an emotional week this week, must be my hormones, I seem to get upset and burst into tears at the slightest thing.

My husband has gone away this weekend and won’t be back until Sunday evening, so I am stuck at home on my own, except for the animals with no car, and not long after he left I realised that the computer wasn’t connecting, and I was crying my eyes out, he talked me through what to do when he phoned, and then I was crying because I had been stupid.  I don’t think I have ever cried so much as I have during pregnancy, anything seems to start me off these days.

Mind you could be lack of sleep, as I seem to be up and down like a yoyo all night.

Taz seems to be trampolining for England at the moment, think I may go and run myself a nice bath and have a nice long soak, maybe that will cheer me up a bit.

25th July 2003

Sorry forgot to mention I had my 24 week check on Tuesday, all is ok Taz is nice and healthy and is growing fine and has a nice healthy heartbeat.  My trapped nerve I had was sciatica and common in pregnancy, she advised paracetamol if it is really painful and if it gets worse can refer me to physio, I don’t fancy that so will struggle on, but it is nearly gone now and hopefully wont make a return.

27th July 2003

This is more of a getting of my chest and hopefully me being silly.

I am 25+1 weeks today, and if anyone has read my diary I have had problems with previous pregnancies.

Taz is usually very active and I feel him/her when I go to bed at night and during the night and in the mornings, well quite a lot really.

Well I am on my own this weekend as my husband is away on a school reunion, he went on Friday and not back until this evening at some stage.

I haven’t felt Taz move since yesterday evening and have been awake most of the night worrying and have got myself into a right state.  I am sitting here on my own sobbing my heart out, I am so scared and don’t know what to do.

My dog is by my side and wont leave me either

I know I am probably worrying over nothing and am a born worrier anyway, but I have already lost so many babies it would destroy me if anything happens. I just want my husband here to tell me everything is alright.

I will hopefully be back on here later telling you all how stupid I was being and Taz is kicking me and making up for it.

29th July 2003

Thought I would update from the weekend, after not feeling Taz moving we went to the hospital yesterday and they were brilliant.  I still hadn’t felt anything by the time we got there and while we were waiting, as soon as they called my name I got a movement.  They me to a monitor and we heard the heart beating, and they left me on the monitor for half an hour to listen to the heart beats and monitor movements, and yes Taz has not stopped kicking since, so I am much more relaxed. Maybe Taz missed Daddy while he was away for the weekend.

On a down side I can not stop moaning and nagging at my husband, I don’t mean to but I just can’t help it, I just get all panicky.  I am also crying for England at the moment which isn’t helping either.

2nd August 2003

I am 26 weeks today, so am now in my third trimester, I really can’t believe I have made it this far.

Since my scare last weekend Taz has been very active and more than making up for his/her quiet time. In the evenings Taz really has a workout and I swear last night was trying to kick their way out.  I am still making loads of trips to the loo at night so having disturbed sleep, but then I guess this is practice for when the baby is here.

I am also in a good mood, as I have all next week off work, we are having the boys for the week so it won’t be relaxing but it will be fun.

I haven’t brought anymore baby bits yet, but I think we have decided on the buggy and cot, which my parents are buying, but I can not make up my mind on the bedding and theme as there are some lovely ones out there.

I was on Babyworld chat last night and the conversation got round to breastfeeding.  I do want to breastfeed if I can, but there is so much I am uncertain on, but am hoping it will come naturally at the time.

I have also been reading a magazine and through I had made my mind up on pain relief, was definately going to have an epidural, but think I have changed my mind now.  I want a mobile one and then another type of painkiller, as I have heard that being as mobile as possible does help, I will have to ask my mw as she will give me good advice, I hope.

My Mum has decided she has knitted enough cardigans and jumpers, and has now decided to knit another blanket for the buggy as it will be winter, at least it keeps her busy and happy, although I think my Dad is more excited.

I have nothing planned for today, my husband isn’t feeling too well and is working tonight, so I have the evening alone, will probably get out and about tomorrow.  Although it is nice to see the sun, I am not looking forward to this heatwave, it was bad enough last time.








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  1. 3rd January 2016 / 10:48 pm

    Aw sorry to hear about the issues with Taz, maybe he does miss his daddy? Glad that it is all better now though and good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

    • admin
      4th January 2016 / 8:30 am

      This is my diary from when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2003, so all was fine, but that day/night I was so scared x

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