My baby diary part 2

Last week I wrote a post with my baby diaries, that I wrote 12 years ago, to me these are very personal and bring back so many happy and scary memories.  Today, I am posting part 2 the second trimester.

1st May 2003

I had my booking appointment with my midwife Yvonne yesterday, it was booked for the 14th May, but as I am off work for the next two weeks they brought my appointment forward, so that I would not need to take any extra time off work.

It took 1 hour to go through everything, but I didn’t take a urine sample with me, and you know what it is like I just could not go whilst I was there.  This has happened at the hospital a couple of times when they have needed one.  So we gave up on that idea and I promised to take one along to my next appointment in 3 weeks time.  Yvonne then tried to take some blood samples, and yes you guessed it, I just did not want to part my blood either, so after a couple of attempts she gave up and said we will try again on my next appointment. I was also given loads of information and coupons for free packs at Tesco and Mothercare, it is all so exciting.  We have also booked my antenatal classes.

My sickness is starting to subside slightly now, so hopefully I will soon be feeling much better and can then start to fully enjoy my pregnancy.


9th May 2003

I am 14 weeks now, and can not get into many of my clothes, I do not look pregnant I just look fat.  The sickness is starting to go now thank goodness, it has not gone completely but is getting better.

I took my scan pictures to show my Mum on Wednesday, and she has kept one to show my Dad (unfortunately he couldn’t work out which was the baby was lying, so Mum had to explain to him).  I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but we have nicknamed the baby ‘Taz’, after the Tazmanian Devil, as when we were having the scan it kept spinning about and moving around.  So my Mum went and and brought me a baby Taz toy complete with nappy, it is so sweet and I am going to keep it safe for the baby.

Mum and Dad gave us a huge surprise yesterday, they are giving us money to put towards the buggy and cot.  I am so shocked as we were not expecting it.  Mum has been knitting like mad and has also started buying bits for the baby.  She is meant to be buying one thing a week, but has brought three things this week.


21st May 2003

Have been a bit quiet lately, so thought I would say hello.  I went back to work last week, it was tiring but nice being back.  I am off today as I have a midwife appointment and have 6 weeks holiday to take before I go on maternity leave in 18 weeks time.

I haven’t really got much to update on, I am getting bigger and had to go out at the weekend and buy some new clothes, and I could not resist buying a couple of things for the baby.


3rd June 2003

I haven’t updated my diary for a while.  I am 17+3 now.  There were four of us at work pregnant at one stage, the first left last Friday, the next leaves in July, then August with me leaving in September.

I am showing now and looking pregnant and not just fat.  I went through a stage of feeling really down, as I just thought I looked fat.  I have now had to go and by more clothes as none of my clothes fit me.

I am also sure I have felt Taz move. I keep getting these fluttery feelings and hope it is Taz moving about, it feels so reassuring.

I only have another 5 weeks to wait until I have my next scan.  I can not wait, I just want to know that Taz is ok.  We have decided to find out the sex, and then we can go out shopping.


10th June 2003

What a time I have had since my last update.  Taz has been quite mobile, and I have been getting my flutters a few times a day, which is so reassuring, but then over the weekend, I did not really have much fluttering, which started me worrying again, (I am a born worrier anyway), but then at work today we had some drilling work being done in the office, and I do not think Taz liked it, as I swear it kept either kicking or punching me in the side as if to say ‘Mum shut that noise up’, the relief though was amazing.

I am just getting over a horrible head cold at the moment, which has been worse as you can’t really take anything for it, but am feeling much better now.

I have also been having a few stomach cramps, which again had me worrying, but thankfully they have stopped, so apart from feeling tired and the moment everything is fine.

I am now 18+3


15th June 2003

Well I have made it to 19 weeks, nearly half way there, I can’t believe it. My bump is definitely showing now.

You may think me a little sad but as it is fathers day, I have brought my husband something from Taz, I thought it would be fun.

Only another 3 weeks until my next scan, I was ok about it but have now started to worry, but that is me a born worrier, mind you I suppose you never stop worrying about the baby from conception and then until eternity.


21st June 2003

Well I have made it to 20 weeks, half way, I really can not believe it.  I have my scan in just under 3 weeks and really can not wait to see Taz again.

For the last few days I have been getting cramps and pains in my right side of my stomach, I don’t know if this is normal or not so will keep an eye on it and see how it goes. Apart from that I am feeling great but am still tired.

Am now looking forward to the next 20 weeks and then to meet my baby, I can’t believe it is happening after all my problems, I am still scared something will happen but am staying as positive as I can.

Anyway that is all from me at the moment speak to you soon.


28th June 2003

I am 21 weeks today.

Been feeling fine until yesterday. I did something really silly at work, I ended up pulling myself and was having really bad pain in my bump.  The bump was contracting to start with then eased of and then it hurt to stand walk or sit, I ended up in tears and being sent home early, I was so scared I had done something. My husband was really good he came and picked me up and then ran a lovely bath for me to relax in, and then sorted out dinner, I would be lost without him, and I felt better once I had relaxed a bit and felt Taz move. I couldn’t get comfortable in the night and am still feeling a bit tender and sore this morning but a lot happier.

I have been sitting here checking emails and looking at the messages on babyworld feeling Taz moving around, then I looked at my bump and it was moving, so not only can I feel Taz now, I can see movement too, that has made me cry again, it doesn’t take much to start me off these days.

The girl at work who left on maternity at the end of May had her baby on Thursday (was early as the EDD was 12th July), she has had a beautiful little girl, I can’t wait for mine to be born.


10th July 2003

Had my scan today at 9am.  I had been worried about it and very nervous to know if everything was going to be ok.

I knew Taz was ok, he/she has been playing around and trampolining on my bladder quite happily for most of this week.

Anyway, back to the hospital, after 2 hours, 4 scans, 2 walks, a cup of tea, some biscuits and a sandwich (as told to do so by the sonographer), we still have to go back next Thursday, as the little so and so was sitting firmly on its bum and was refusing to budge an inch for the spine to be checked and to also see if we are having a boy or a girl. I have told my husband that it must be a boy and takes after him, by being stubborn and awkward, the then said it takes after me sitting on its bum all day.  Yes I will make him pay for that.

Everything else was all ok, and it was nice seeing Taz again, and at least I get to have another scan hehe.  Just have to keep my fingers crossed that he/she plays ball this time and lets us check everything properly.

I then had the delights of the dentist.  Had to go as I have been in such agony and could not put it off any longer,  I haven’t been for so long as I am not a dentist person (but who is), and have been put on penicillin as I have an infection, and have to go back there next Thursday as well for the start of a long list of treatment.

What a wonderful day off work this has turned out to be.  We were going to go shopping today to buy some bits for Taz, but that has been put on hold as we still don’t know what colour to buy, but we have a mothercare world just around the corner so may have to take a trip there in a while.

We are going away this weekend with friends, which will be nice to get away from home for a bit, and the weather is supposed to be nice and should be a good laugh, of course I will be the only sober one there, but at least I will wake up feeling fine the next morning.

Am feeling so tired today, but think that is the heat I am seriously melting.

I will update when I have more news, am currently 22+5


So this is the second part, it seems weird calling my daughter it or he/she and also Taz.  She does know she was called Taz and why and she still has the baby Taz.

Reading back on this has made me realise she has always been stubborn and awkward

Part 3 coming soon


























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