When technology isn’t so good

When technology isn't so good

I posted the other day about how technology can be a good thing and how it alerted me that my daughter was not where she was meant to be, and was in fact half way home walking.  I had honestly never panicked so much in my life.

Today, I checked where she was after school and she was at the bus stop. Thought ok no problem, so checked the bus and it was tracking the one after. I checked our stop where she gets off and says not one for over half an hour.  So I text her back to say bus wont be there for another 25 minutes and is she on her own.

She lets me know she is fine and is on the bus. So no idea what happened, but she got home safely.

I now don’t know whether too much technology is a good or a bad thing. But I will not be stopping checking on her to make sure she is ok.

Do we use technology too much?

It can be good and when you have a child and want to know they are safe it is great. I can always see where she is without having to keep ringing or texting her, and being that annoying parent.

But do we rely on it too  much is it taking over our lives.  I think maybe it is. Lets face it how many of us pick our phones up as soon as we wake up.

When we are out enjoying an evening out or meal how many people do you see sat looking at their phones instead of enjoying the company of those they are with.  Having a catch up or talking about their day.

There is a time and a place for technology some of it is a godsend for any parent other times it is not so good.

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Comments (4)

  • sabrina 4 years ago Reply

    Technology has its ups and downs. Glad to she she came home safely!

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    It does, but at least she was in contact via her phone this time

  • MyTableofThree 4 years ago Reply

    I agree that technology can let us down some times and stress us out, but all in all help most of the time. Glad to know she was okay and on her bus.

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Technology is a good thing, just this time it was not, I think it was more to do with what happened when she was not where she was supposed to be the other day. At least she was in contact on her phone this time

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