My Week – 10/10/15

This week has been very busy, but a lot less emotional than the previous few weeks thankfully.

Last Sunday, my daughter had her first trip out shopping into town on her own with a friend.  I dropped her at her friends house and then off they went.  They had  a great time, she spent all her money but brought herself a new sketch pad and some stupidly priced pens but this is her life, she loves drawing and draws some amazing manga style pictures, and then pens are special ones for those drawings, so she used her money wisely and not wasted on rubbish. I was so nervous while she was out, and did have to check on her a few times, via a brilliant app I have on my phone, I could see exactly where she was, and could then track via another app when she was on the bus and what time she would be home.  I do love modern technology.

I spent my time keeping busy with making bread and a new recipe for fresh tomato soup, as we had tons from the garden.  Unfortunately, the soup was not a success, so going back to my old recipe now, which I will post up when I make it next.

Monday, I was at the hospital with my husband for yet another appointment, as he had an accident 18 months ago.  We got there in plenty of time, but the parking was horrendous, I dropped him and went to try and park, 45 minutes it took me, but I did witness a massive argument between two drivers which kept me entertained as they blocked the way so had to just sit and wait. We got good news anyway, as they have now agreed to operate, so just waiting on that now.

We have been so busy, with the business and yesterday and today we have had models in.  They were both lovely and the pictures are amazing, have put a couple on here as really pleased with them.

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This afternoon, after having my ear bitten off about Dan & Phil, those of you with children of a certain age will probably know about Dan & Phil.  Honestly my daughter can talk about them for hours non stop.  For a while now I have heard nothing but they have a book out, Dan & Phils books is on amazon, I have seen the book on amazon.  Today while working she is messaging me, one of her friends had got it half price at Tesco, can we go? Can I get it? So we went to somewhere else instead and got it half price and all the way around doing my shopping she kept going on and on, in the car reading bits out, but at least she is happy.  I did tell her we were going to buy it for her, for her birthday.

Tomorrow, I think we are going to have a nice relaxing day at home relaxing.

Next weekend we are going away to a charity ball, can not wait this is one of the highlights of our year, and the chance to dress up for a night.

Hope you have all had a good week x


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