Those Little White Lies

You all know the ones I am talking about, the Tooth Fairy, Father Christmas etc.

My Daughter is going to be 12 next month. I used to love being the Tooth Fairy making sure I knew where her tooth was. Only to find when I used to sneak in to swap it she had moved it. The panic would set in trying to find it, in the dark without waking her.

Or finding a note she had written to the tooth fairy and having to quickly reply and do a drawing of myself.  Or the morning I got her up and she became upset as the Tooth Fairy had not been. I quickly got out of that one telling her it was still early she might have been really busy last night and still on her way.  Luckily while she was having breakfast I quickly swapped it over.  Her last few teeth she wasn’t bothered about the Tooth Fairy so that was quite easy and simple.

But with Christmas approaching, I like to cling on to that bit of magic. I have no idea if she believes in him or not.  I am still unsure if last year she believed in him. Or if she was just going along with everything to keep me happy.  I have tried asking her in a roundabout way. Trying to gauge whether the magic is over or not. But the little madam gives me nothing. She will not answer with a definite answer that says whether she does or doesn’t believe. I just can not bring myself to say, now you are nearly 12 we are Father Christmas, it will break my heart if she does still believe.

So for now I am going to carry on with my chatting away until she says Mum I stopped believing in him ages ago, or I know he isn’t real.  I am pretty sure she knows this, but you just never know.

And then there is school, now she is in secondary school. What if she is the only one who believes, I really do not like this growing up and not knowing whether to say something or not.

I will keep you all posted as to what happens, but it will probably be me in tears that it is all over x


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Comments (6)

  • LIANNE 4 years ago Reply

    My 11 year old found out when he was 9 and we both cried together!! #AnythingGoes

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Oh no 🙁 it is horrible when they do find out x

  • Leslie Rickerby 4 years ago Reply

    Awww bless you! We’re a long way off that in our house as yet but with my niece, she had just about convinced herself that he wasn’t real any more until I showed her the ISS traveling through the sky on christmas eve and convinced her it was Santa. I probably made it worse though as now she hasn’t got a clue what to believe.. But I still believe!

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    I was like that when younger, my Grandad always said while I still get presents I still believe, so that threw me a bit. She just isn’t giving anything away and I just can’t bring myself to ask x

  • blogging mummy 4 years ago Reply

    I am dreading when the time comes for my 2 to not believe any more. It makes it all so much less magical. I am hoping to keep hold of that magical feeling for as long as I can. Mine are only 4 and 1 so hopefully I have a lot longer yet. xx Thank you for linking up with #anythinggoes

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    You have a long time to go yet, I have no idea still what she believes in, I just can not bring myself to say anything x

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