Joint Pain Comfrey Ointment Review


I was asked if I would like to review the Remedinature Comfrey Ointment Bone Joint Arthritic Knee Pain, Natural Relief Odourless Skin Balm. Before I begin my review I will advise that I received this item free of charge, but my opinions are true to my own finding.

When I opened the balm, it had no odour (as stated in the description), which was strange as usually they have a distinctive strong aroma, and it looked just like a plain odourless balm that would probably be another one of those many jars and bottles that we have hanging around in the cupboard, that don’t do as it states on the label.


I started using it twice a day on my knee and to my amazement (after being let down by many other brands), it did work, the pain was relieved and noticeable very quickly as well. The label does say to use 4 times a day, but I found that twice a day was sufficient for my use.

I was so impressed, I recommended it to my Dad, who suffers badly with arthritis in his knee and he ordered some and was very pleased with the result, he did use the balm 4 times a day and found he could walk around in much less pain.

Obviously there is safety advice as with all products and it is always advisable to check these before starting use.
The ingredients are:- Symphytum Officinate, Cera Alba (May contains nut oils)

If like me you have tried all the lotions and potions before, and are losing hope I would recommend giving this a go and is currently on offer at amazon for £12.48, so a reasonable price as well.


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