Goodbye September – Hello October

What a month September has been for us.

We started off with my Daughter starting Secondary School. The week before she started I was an emotional and nervous wreck.  I was having bad nights sleep and worrying if she would be ok, would she be happy. Along with the fact that she would be travelling to and from school on her own on the bus.  As it turns out, I shouldn’t have worried as she settled straight in and is loving school.  I swear this was worse than when she started Reception all those years ago.

September, has not been a kind month to us, firstly with my Dad suffering a stroke. That really shook us all up as he is a very independent man who loves his garden.  Luckily he hasn’t been too badly affected, he is mobile with the aid of a stick outside the home. He is doing bits of gardening but not back to what he was doing before.

His memory is bad though and us and the dogs are being called a variety of names. Sometimes it is like a puzzle game trying to work out what he is actually wanting. The other day the Dr phoned to speak to him and he was getting very confused so he passed the phone to my Mum to talk to them, but in the process he said ‘ang on.  Anyone who knows my Dad knows he never drops any letters. He is quite well spoken and he would not say ‘ang on or hang on.  I laughed and so did he.  I actually said, I am not glad he had the stroke but you are quite funny at times now. This is not me being horrible, just lightening it down a bit more for him so he doesn’t get stressed with it.

A couple of weeks later, my Husbands Nan died, she was 88 and had severe dementia.  We had been expecting it for a while now, but it was still very sad. It left us with the mixed emotions of being glad she was not suffering anymore, but sad we had lost her.  We had her funeral yesterday, and it was such a lovely send off for her, with her friends and family around and even her favourite staff from the home where she was staying, came to say goodbye.

I also held my very first giveaway, which was a huge success for both myself and the company I was working with.

The good news for September was that myself and my husband after months of hardwork, blood, sweat and tears building and setting up our studio, have launched our photography business, which you can read about in my previous posts.

So, am now officially saying goodbye September and a warm welcome to October.

Hope September was a bit kinder to you than it was to us?


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