My Week – 26/09/15

After the last 2 weeks, things have been slightly better this week, apart from my daughter coming home from school on Monday and telling me that her eyes have been hurting and every lesson she was sent down to the medical room as she had a headache, eyes hurting and felt sick a few times.  Went through the are you wearing your glasses (she had her eyes tested earlier in the year and just needed them if her eyes were straining), got told they weren’t helping but had been wearing them, when she said about the sickness I asked if it was a migraine (she suffers these occasionally), she said it wasn’t.  I then went into my typical panic mode, thinking something drastic had happened to her eyes.  I rang the opticians and got her an appointment for the next day.  Luckily, there was no drastic change, but there had been a change in one eye and she needed a new prescription, of course the free NHS glasses were no good, so ended up spending on her new frames, but do admit they do suit her, and she has had no more problems since wearing them.

I had to go to my daughters school on Thursday, for a meet the Tutor meeting.  Was not sure what to expect, but it was just to say hello and meet her Tutor face to face.  Came out very happy, as she has settled in well, no bad behaviour or bad/negative comments from other teachers, she is popular and seems to have made friends with the whole year, which is lovely to hear.

My Dad is slowly recovering, it is more his memory now, me and my daughter get called all sorts of people, and the dogs even worse.  But he is recovering which is the main thing.

We now have the date for my husbands Nan’s funeral which is next Wednesday, my inlaws are coming to us and then we are going together, they are getting here at 7am, I nearly passed out when they told me what time they would be here, so am really not looking forward to Wednesday.

We have been working hard on our new business, which I wrote about the other day, and I did my first ever photo shoot today, which I really enjoyed and had a great time, and am so pleased with the pictures, as is the client.

This weekend (tomorrow to be exact), my husband and I will be celebrating our 13th Wedding Anniversary, we have been together for 16 years altogether.  We are celebrating today instead of tomorrow, as we are going away next month to the actsma butterfly ball, we go every year and even better my dress arrived today and it is gorgeous and fits, I had ordered my usual size and had to send it back as it was too big.  My husband is cooking me a lovely meal tonight and we are going to celebrate with a glass of wine or two, and a dip in the hot tub.

I am really loving life at the moment, I have a wonderful husband, a great daughter who is doing so well, my family, our own business.  What more could a woman want apart from maybe a nice beach in the sun, white sand and blue skies, a cocktail in hand :).




  1. 26th September 2015 / 4:11 pm

    Glad to hear that you are feeling positive – especially after the hard times you and your family have had. Such a relief about the new glasses – always a worry when the kids complain about things like that.

  2. Tori Gabriel
    26th September 2015 / 4:10 pm

    After all the bad stuff you’ve been dealing with, it’s nice that things are looking up and you’re feeling positive. Sorry about the funeral. Do you wa t me to do your blog comments Wednesday?

    • admin
      26th September 2015 / 4:13 pm

      It is nice to have a week where nothing horrible happened. Is it the earlier start this week, if so I might not be back in time as got quite a journey, so yes please. You are a star xx

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