What a difference

What a difference

We are now into our second full week of secondary school. And what a difference I have noticed in my daughter already.

C has coped really well with finding her way around a new school. She loves going to school and home again on the bus and using her door key to let herself in. Is loving the canteen and buying herself a drink or snack at break time.

She has settled in really well and mixing with both her old friends and new ones she is making. She came home with her predicted grade for English and is top of the class, so a very proud Mum.

I was however, not expecting the following:-

Friday evening, she ask if she can go to her friends house Saturday morning as her friends Mum would be out for about an hour and they can do homework together.  I said yes that’s fine, I know her friend and her Mum.  She comes home with mascara on and no homework done.

Sunday evening, she says her friend has asked if she is allowed to go into town shopping with her.  I know she is going to be 12 in a couple of months, but really, how can she be old enough for this.  Her Dad said yes as long as she sticks to rules, so on Saturday I am probably going to be a nervous wreck while they go shopping on their own. Although I am secretly hoping it goes quiet for a while.

Monday, I get a text from her just as she is leaving school, can she bring 2 friends home, I asked if they were coming for tea as well, and she said yes.  Queue me going into quick thinking mode going through what I had in to feed 3 hungry girls.  I said she could as long as their mums were ok.  Luckily one of the girls is my friends daughter, so I did text her quickly to let her know.

This morning, and this is from the child who just shrugs her shoulders and says it is ok, comes down to me and says she can’t find her hair straighteners and she needs it for her fringe.

At least I know she has settled into secondary school life ok, but am wondering what is coming next.


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  • Laura Hartley 4 years ago Reply

    This post did make me chuckle a little I must say. I’m only 20 years old and I can already see a huge difference in children younger than me and how they’re adapting to teenage life. The siblings of my friends are getting into things like makeup/boyfriends way ahead of when I did when I was still a teenager and I think it’s worrying… It’s a shame that kids seem to be leaving childhood behind much sooner these days but I wouldn’t worry about your daughter, I’m sure she’ll be just fine 🙂 It’s just the way of the world apparently!

    Laura @ What’s Hot?

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    I am lucky that my daughter is not a follower, she wont do something because everyone else is, so hopefully that will continue. It is just how much more independent she is getting now x

  • Catstello 4 years ago Reply

    Amazing what a week difference can do!

    Catstello | http://www.cattitudeandco.uk

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    I know I think she is loving her independence so thinks she can go a bit further now x

  • Cathy Glynn 4 years ago Reply

    I can understand what you are going through, my daughter is only 10 and she is wanting to explore on her own, I dread to think what she will be like at 12 x

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    This is what I have been dreading since she was born, and I am still not ready to let her go yet x

  • Rachel 4 years ago Reply

    I loved it when I got my first key to the family home, I suddenly felt so grown up and responsible x

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    She loves having her own key, she doesn’t really need one as there is always someone in but I did promise her when she started Secondary school she could have her own key x

  • Astrid 4 years ago Reply

    Awww, I totally love this tale and totally understand your mixed feelings. However, my sister also went into town at eleven-years-old herself. (I didn’t because of my disabilities and besides, I didn’t have any friends.)

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    I know the girls will stick together and they are sensible girls, it is just so scary thinking she will be out without me shopping in a huge town. I am so sorry you didn’t have any friends to do things with 🙁 x

  • Sarah Bailey 4 years ago Reply

    It sounds like she is really settling in amazingly good luck to her through her secondary school years. x

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Thank you, she has settled in so well and the change in her is amazing in just this short time hopefully the rest of her time there will be just as happy for her x

  • Charlotte 4 years ago Reply

    That must be really hard! I thought my daughter was becoming too grown up (she started primary school this time) and that’s without mascara and shopping. x

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    It did shock me a bit, as she has turned from a little girl, into a young lady overnight. She hasn’t used mascara since and the shopping hasn’t been mentioned again yet. They are growing up too fast x

  • Aimee Foster 4 years ago Reply

    It must be really difficult to adapt to such a change, I know I’m going to struggle with it. But it’s nice that she’s got a good group of friends and you know their parents, that must make it a lot easier. My daughter is only 6 and I’m already dreading how I’ll cope with the teenage years. Whole new ball game! x

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    I am lucky she has gone up with a lot of her old friends, it has made it easier. I dreaded this part coming and last year was so scared and nervous for her. But she has done me proud, she is shy but confident and she has adapted so well. I have to admit though I am loving not having to do the school runs, although I have done 2 one when the bus was late last week, and one yesterday which is a totally different story x

  • Sherry 4 years ago Reply

    Wow, they grow up fast at this age. I didn’t notice such a change when my eldest started secondary. Youngest starts next September. The big thing I noticed is how much sleep she needs; there’s so much homework and it’s a real struggle to get her out of bed in the mornings! Glad your daughter has settled in well.

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Unfortunately, my daughter takes after me, she will get up to the alarm (this is a new thing for her), I also have mine set for the same time, but we both need to do things slowly and take time first thing, and don’t like being rushed. So far she hasn’t been too bad with getting up, but am waiting for this to change nearer the holidays and when it starts getting dark in the mornings. She is not impressed with the amount of homework though.

  • Daniella 4 years ago Reply

    I found 12 was a bit of a funny age for my daughter who is now 15. She started experimenting with makeup, thought she was an adult and tested the boundaries, it only lasted a year and we got over it thankfully.

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Glad it only lasted a short while, I am just not ready for this next stage x

  • Victoria 4 years ago Reply

    I love this post. I know it’s not much of a comparison but my eldest started nursery on Wednesdays and in two days I’m seeing differences in his little personality. I think secondary school allows new independence and she is probably testing the waters with everything at once, as will everyone. It should cool down abit soon when she is into the routine and it’s less exciting x

  • Tori Gabriel 4 years ago Reply

    To think I have all this to come! At least the craze is hair straightening now. Remember crimping? NOT a good look for anyone. The teenage years are approaching quickly…I will be using you for tips and inspiration on how to deal with them.

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    You do have it all to come, and when you do I can sit back and say been there and done that lol. It approaches far too quickly, I swear she was 5 years old and I blinked and she became this nearly 12 year old x

  • Alana 4 years ago Reply

    What a change in just one week. Secondary school does open up a whole new world and I’m sure your daughter is just trying to fit in with what others are doing. She’ll settle down after a few weeks and everything will be normal again.
    Alana x

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    It is a huge change for them, I don’t think it is a fitting in thing, I think it is more of a growing up thing x

  • Rebecca Smith 4 years ago Reply

    Ah it’s amazing what can change in a week. Glad she is settling in ok x

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    I know they change so quickly, it is a relief that she has settled in so well x

  • Serena 4 years ago Reply

    It’s great that she’s settled in well and has made new friends quickly.

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Thank you, it is such a worry as you hear so many horror stories, but she has settled in fine and it seems everyone is getting on ok with each other x

  • Kacie Morgan 4 years ago Reply

    She is looking very grown up. It must be strange watching kids grow up so quickly!

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    She is looking more and more grown up, it is like you blink and they have suddenly grown x

  • Eek! It’s incredible how much they change. Hope the trip to town went OK. My son has just started secondary school and went to a new friend’s house only two weeks after he’d started, which I was really pleased about. He seems to be settling in so well.

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    They do change, she didn’t go in the end that weekend, but is going with another friend this weekend coming. I am glad your Son has settled well, it makes it easier on us mums x

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