A Day in London

A Day in London

Yesterday, we decided to treat ourselves to our delayed day out in London with our Daughter. After the week we have just had, it could not have come at a better time.

Something Japenese

Our Daughter is mad on most things Japanese. She is very artistic and is always usually found drawing Manga and anime style drawing. She really does have a talent for it, I will have to show you some of her drawings one day.  Anyway, she has been going on and on and on, you get the picture, as children do about this shop called Tokyo Toyz.  We promised we would take her one day, and yesterday was that day.

Not What We expected

So up we got and got ourselves ready, for a family day out.  We got a bus to the station and then a train into Waterloo. And then made our way by underground to Piccadilly where the shop was located.  I thought it was going to be this huge place with at least 2 floors and a variety of items on display.  Even our daughter was disappointed, it was a tiny shop with only a few actual japanese things in. There was a lot of minecraft, frozen and my little pony stuff as well and was the size of a shoebox. While she was looking the shop, her Dad was looking to see if there was anywhere else. And found a Japanese store just around the corner.

This place was amazing it was like walking into a Japanese Tesco. It had convenience foods to takeaway, which all looked delicious. A fresh counter and loads of other foods available. We found a section our daughter loved and she brought a Manga comic book which she is over the moon with.

A Break For Lunch

We then decided we were hungry and stopped next door at Jamie Oliver’s Diner and Take Out. It was lovely and I had a dirty dog, a hotdog with pulled pork on top. Can thoroughly recommend if you are ever around Piccadilly area.

The Southbank

We then made our way along to the Southbank.

The first thing we saw was a slushie drinks van. These were not the usual slush drinks the children love they were for adults. We decided to treat ourselves, my daughter had a passion fruit and mango slush drink, my husband had pomegranate and raspberry slush drink with vodka, and I had pressed apple, white peach and vodka slush drink. If ever you find yourself along the Southbank and come across this place, I can thoroughly recommend trying one. They have such a vast amount of flavours you really were spoilt for choice.

We then wandered along the Southbank enjoying the various entertainers and general hustle and bustle and then took our daughter into the Tate Modern for a bit of a cultural experience, as she is very into her art.  She obviously enjoyed it. As we did not hear once, when are we going, or my feet hurt, my legs hurt, I am thirsty or I am hungry.  She saw some works of art from artists that she had heard of. We saw different varieties of art, some that I could actually do myself with no effort at all.  We all talked about various paintings and had a lovely time.

It was then time to go home, but it was so lovely to have a bit of family time, we all had enjoyed ourselves, even though my husband and daughter gang up on me.

Now looking forward to our next outing as a family.




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Comments (12)

  • thebritishtearoom 4 years ago Reply

    Reminds me of my days out with my mum in London! Such a beautiful city. Family days out can be stressful but they are also priceless. Daughters grow up and those times become rare. Makes me miss home #Showcasetuesday

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    London is a beautiful city, and we are very lucky to live not too far away, I love our little family outings and spending time together as I know it will soon go as she grows up x

  • The Blog Centre 4 years ago Reply

    What a lovely family day out and such a lovely mother daughter picture
    Thanks for linking up with #ShowcaseTuesday

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Thank you x

  • Charlotte Braithwaite 4 years ago Reply

    We live in London and I still get amazed by this place. So glad you guys had a lovely time. Ive never in my life heard of a slushy van – I need to find this and camp outside.
    Love the photos too 😀

    Charlotte x

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    We are not too far from London, only takes us 15 minutes by train, we love the Southbank as there is always something going on without getting too crowded. I am not sure if the van is just there over summer, it is right by the bridge steps a huge purple bus/trailer. Not cheap but worth it.

  • Sarah Bailey 4 years ago Reply

    What a fantastic sounding time it seems like you had 🙂 x

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    We did thank you, always lovely when we get to spend a day out with just our little family x

  • Heather Davis 4 years ago Reply

    How nice that you live so close to such a beautiful city! This looks like a great trip!

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    We are very lucky to be so close, we do love going there and love the South Bank

  • I love your mom and daughter picture, you should definitely have more of them. I am so glad you enjoyed London, it is truly magical, Sam.

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    Thank you, we haven’t done any photos together in a long time, something we need to work on x

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