My Week

My Week

I have had a very different and busy week this week. As I said last week I was up at the crack of dawn taking my daughter and my parents to the airport for their holiday.


The plan was while she was away, to decorate her room fully and have it all back in place for when she comes home.  Not quite gone to plan. The room is decorated but the carpet has not arrived. Where she wanted her bed to go, would not fit. So myself and my husband have been scratching our heads and working out what best to do. To give her optimum space.

This morning we finally decided, and it is near enough where she wanted it. So will hopefully she will be happy.  But obviously, can not bring all her stuff back into her room as the carpet still needs to go down. Then there is the decision on bedding. As it is always nice to have new bedding when you decorate your room.  She has 2 main colours in her bedroom. So which colour do I go for and then I think I have found something and think will she like it. So am going to sit down with her tomorrow and let her choose.

At the beginning of the week, my stepson had an accident on his bike. He was the victim of a hit and run driver who had false number plates. So obviously have been worrying over him. Feel so sorry as his bike that he saved and paid for himself brand new a few months ago has been totally written off, he is heartbroken, along with his injuries as well.

Not been a good week, in the StressedMum household, but on happier notes, I get my gorgeous daughter home today and get to have a cuddle, I have missed her so much.

Hope you have all had a better week and have a great bank holiday weekend x

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Comments (6)

  • North East Family Fun 4 years ago Reply

    Oh no – I hope your stepson is ok. What a shame about his bike that he saved so hard for. There are some mean people in the world! Pleased you had a nice ending when your daughter returned x

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Thank you, he is very bruised and sore and upset over his bike, but could have been a lot worse. Yes very glad to have my daughter home, although she has been in bed ill since she returned x

  • Colette 4 years ago Reply

    Sorry to hear about your stepson, that must have been horrific for all of you. Hopefully the house insurance will sort the bike out. Hope your daughter enjoys her ‘new space’ . Mine are all grown up now, but there are still different worries I guess 🙂

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Thank you, he is ok just a bit battered and bruised, still in hands of the insurance company. She loves her bedroom. They do grow up fast but never stops you worrying x

  • Leanne 4 years ago Reply

    Oh lovely. I hope things are doing better now. X

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    They are thank you x

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