Silly Accidents

Our children all have little accidents. Where they fall and graze their knee or bang something as they run around playing. But has your child ever had a really silly accident, that has resulted in something more serious?

The Silly Accident

In 2011 while we were staying at a friend’s house. The kids were playing and us adults were chatting, when all of a sudden C let out a horrific scream. You know the one that just tells you that something is not right.  We looked around to see her lying on the floor.  We thought she had just slipped and was being over dramatic. But she could not get up, I went over and she could not put her foot down at all.  Further investigation she had a huge lump and it was straight to hospital to sit and wait in A&E.

At The Hospital

C was given x-rays, luckily her Dad is tougher than me and was with her for this bit. As they needed certain positions and she could not move her leg and was crying in pain.  The x-rays showed she had a spiral fracture. So my darling Daughter was not content with breaking one bone she had to do 2.  We then had to wait for a cast to be put on, but she may need to have an operation, and that we need to take her to a different hospital.  As our car was at our friends house, I phoned my parents who packed a bag for C and came and got us and drove us to the other hospital.

At The New Hospital

Once we reached the new hospital, we had to wait to see a Dr who informed us they are still waiting on making a decision.  By this time all any of us had all day was a bit of toast at breakfast. Poor C was starving.. In the end I went home with my parents while my husband stayed with C. I packed more bits and headed back to hospital, stopping at McDonalds for something to eat for us all.  When I got back no decision had been made and C was more upset as she was starving. But nurses told us nothing would happen tonight so she can eat.

Staying In Hospital

As only one of us could stay, my husband went home. Leaving me to have one of the longest nights of my life, every slight movement hurt her leg. She was in agony, the nurses had to keep checking on her  which was usually when she was asleep. So that woke her up, but we got through the night.

The next day it was decided no operation was needed and to have a permanent cast put on.  She could go home once she had proven she could walk ok but non weight-bearing.  Unfortunately, no one had told physio, so while we sat waiting around for hours to see if we could go home, they had gone home themselves.  As you can imagine I was not very pleased and let them know it.  So it meant another night in hospital for us.

Next morning, I made sure that physio were coming to see us, and told C she had better listen to them and walk without putting her leg down.  Luckily my husband had returned before physio came to see us, and we were given the go ahead to go home.  So we then just had to wait for her to be discharged.

Going Home

After 2 nights we were finally home, and I could get a proper nights sleep in my own bed.  C was off school for about 6 weeks, which included the christmas holidays, but we did go into school to see her friends and join in some things, and she returned to school in the January, but was still non weight bearing.

Finally after a few extra weeks her cast was changed to a half leg and she could start putting weight on it, which she was scared to at first.



And the reason she had this silly accident is because she was wearing a onsie that had the enclosed feet, and her leg twisted as she fell as her foot gripped the floor.  Since that day all onsies have not had feet




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Comments (34)

  • Gemma 4 years ago Reply

    So glad she is ok now. I read it as a spinal fracture at first!

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    No nothing that dramatic, she does still have very slight issues with it, and is experiencing pain at the moment and a few other niggles, but it does not stop her

  • Tori Gabriel 4 years ago Reply

    That must have been awful. Glad she’s okay now. X

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Was a nightmare at the time, and horrible watching your child in so much pain and not being able to do anything.

  • Kayla Palmer 4 years ago Reply

    I had major surgery when I was younger. We had to go to another state for it to. My mom often tells me that when they sent me back she went into the ladies room and dad went into the men’s room and they both cried! they both didn’t want to be upset in front of me or each other! I use to laugh at that but now that I have my daughter and she having to be treated for clubfoot, I get it! 🙂

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    I hope the treatment is successful, and it is amazing how differently you see things once you become a parent and how emotional you can get.

  • Michelle - Hey Little Fighter 4 years ago Reply

    Oh no! That’s awful. Something similar happened to my boy – we were playing with his toys outside and there was a box of tile he tapped. It fell on his foot and he shrieked. We also told him to walk it off… for two days! Needless to say, he had a foot fracture, poor baby. So glad she’s better now.


    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Oh no bless him, if it makes you feel better I know friends who have done the same thing, my daughter couldn’t obviously and am so glad she didn’t or she would have needed an operation.

  • Ritvik Rashid 1 year ago Reply

    Wow , the strains of being a parent huh ? Glad to know she’s fine now 🙂

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    I know there is never a dull moment when kids are around x

  • Cassie S 1 year ago Reply

    Wow I bet that was a traumatic situation! Glad she is okay now. I remember breaking my arm as a child and how terrible that was. After it is all said and done it makes a silly story to remember

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    We laugh at how it happened, and I often joke with C that you couldn’t have fallen out of a tree or something lol x

  • Laurence 1 year ago Reply

    oh my, that was a an awful experience, especially for you, the parents. I know how you are so worried when your baby girl had an accident. Hope for her fast recovery!

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    This was a few years ago, but was a scary time especially when we thought she may have needed an operation x

  • Chelsea Elizabeth 1 year ago Reply

    So glad she is okay now, she definitely rocked that pink cast though! Kids are always having silly accidents, I remember breaking my ankle when I tried to do a ballet move.. I had never done ballet in my life! lol

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thankfully she did recover ok from her break, ouch I bt that hurt and that you have not tried ballet since x

  • Irena 1 year ago Reply

    Where I come from they say “you didn’t have a fun childhood if you didn’t break at least one bone”😂. It’s something that happens in kids plays and luckily everything ended happily. I’m glad she ok now.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    I know, we laugh about it now as I jokingly say, you couldn’t have done something dramatic and break your leg you just fell x

  • jhilmil 1 year ago Reply

    It’s really difficult to see the effects of these silly accidents and when they become a long term thing. But I’m happy that after 6 weeks , she was confident enough to go back to school and have her same life slowly back again.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    I know, she loved going back

  • Preeti 1 year ago Reply

    Glad to know she is okay now.I have a toddler n I am always worried on what may come next

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    It never stops, accidents and kids come hand in hand x

  • Adea Ademi 1 year ago Reply

    Oh well, I had a very similar silly accident when I was little. I was just randomly playing with my cousins and broke my wrist. It was such a pain and my mum went through hell with me that night. Same old story and wish it won’t happen again.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    I think the sillier the accident the harder it is to believe it is anything serious x

  • Rose 1 year ago Reply

    Holy cow! Even if my child had an accident nothing compares to your childs. What a memory for her. We do have a couple footie pj’s here and I can see how this could happen. I’m glad she is OK!!!

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    It was just such a silly accident and one that could have been avoided if she hadn’t had the feet in her onsies x

  • Jumoke 1 year ago Reply

    So glad to hear she is doing much better. Silly accidents always seem to be the ones with the most stress. You just never expect something serious to come out of it. My younger sister slipped on the stairs and the next thing is her tongue was in half literally and she was bleeding so bad. Although they couldn’t stitch it and the healing process was very stressful.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Oh no that must have been horrible at the time, I remember C fell and bit her lip she must have been about 2, the blood was horrible, lucky my husband took over, next day you could hardly notice it x

  • Vasundhra 1 year ago Reply

    What can be more difficult for a parent than to see her child in pain? I am glad that she recovered well and no surgery was needed.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you it was horrible at the time, but we can laugh about it now x

  • David Elliott 1 year ago Reply

    I can see why that would be so scary. I didn’t have anything like that. But my daughter had a condition where her fever would spike to 106 and I would have to give her ice baths to get it down and then take her to the emergency room. It was hard to watch all of that and see her weak and in the hospital.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Oh bless her that must have been so worrying for you, C used to get bad chest infections yearly where her temperature would go sky high so can understand the worry x

  • Sarmistha Goswami 1 year ago Reply

    Oh my God! That sounds so scary! Must have been very stressful for you. So good to know she is doing good now.

    admin 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you, her leg is fine now once it eventually healed x

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