How many do you say a day?

How many do you say a day?

I saw this earlier and it made me realise just how many of us Mums say the same things day in and day out.

My daughter is older now, so some of these I no longer say but have said in the past

1.  No 

I think we all say this no matter what age several times a day.

2.  Just a minute 

I am forever saying this to my 11 year old, when she needs something there and then, and can not possibly open her eyes to find it.

3.  Go and ask your Dad 

This is a favourite of mine when she is going on and on and trying to wear me down, and nearly succeeding

4.  Where are your shoes 

This only usually happens on a school day when trying to get out of the house, and her shoes have magically disappeared.  I don’t think it matters what age they are.

5.  Give me back my phone 

I was always saying this, but now she has her own I actually get to keep hold of it and my battery seems to last so much longer these days.

6.  Did you flush 

Luckily, this question has long gone in our house, but when little it was amazing how they could just forget.

7.  Did you wash your hands 

Again this is done as a habit now, but when younger I was forever reminding them to do this

8.  Maybe later 

I am very guilty of having said this in the past and still say it now, as usually, this question is still asked just as I am about to do something.

9.  Just eat it 

How many meal times have I said this, I have lost count, these days it is something that is rarely said, as she knows what she really doesn’t like and what she thinks she doesn’t like at that particular time

10. Oh. Really? 

Yes, this is used quite often, when trying to be told that one of her friends has this, or does that.  She really does think I wasn’t young once and have tried all these tricks.

11.  Aren’t you forgetting something? 

I still have to say this for the ‘please’ and ‘thank you s’ no matter how old she is.  Luckily, this is apparently only at home, as she does remember them when with other people.

12. I have no idea what you just said 

When younger it was the babbling, these days it is because I have switched off to what she is going on about, and then realised I could have said yes to something I do not want her to do.  We have had quite a few laughs over this

13.  Get your finger out of there 

This has been used in the past, but luckily not these days

14.  Get that out of your mouth 

When younger my daughter and my youngest stepson, were a nightmare for putting things in their mouths, and I was always saying this to them. Luckily they do grow out of it.

15.  Keep it down 

Yes I have turned into my parents and utter these words frequently now

16 & 17 Go poop/pee 

luckily we are old enough to know

18.  Get down from there 

yes I do once in a while utter these words still, more so as I am scared stiff she will break her leg again

19.  Are you even listening to me? 

I use this a lot, as looking at her iPad or phone, not looking in my direction, makes me think she is taking no notice, and half the time I am right.

20.  Fine, go ahead 

This has been a favourite for years, right from when she was little and leaving home because I was mean.

21.  Just one more – I mean it this time 

we are all guilty of this one, sometimes it is easier to give in and let them have a few more minutes or one more sweet/biscuit, than have the tears and tantrums

22.  What are you doing in there? 

you start saying this as soon as they get mobile, and still carry on saying it as they get older.

23.  Stop Whining 

This is something we will never be able to stop saying until they become adults

24.  Mm-hmm 

I do say this when I get Muuuuuum, quite a bit

25.  I love you 

From the second my daughter was born, I have said this a million times a day to her, and will never stop saying these 3 little words to her.

Thought it would be nice to do a fun post, and see what you say daily or a lot, can’t wait to see your replies.

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  • blogging mummy 4 years ago Reply

    thanks for linking up with #anythinggoes linky. You know what I totally say all of these every day. I was reading your list and was saying yes, yes , yeah say that, yeah etc ha ha. I wish i had a pound for every time i said these lol xx

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    It is quite scary when you see it written down and think yes I say that x

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