Phew! What a week

Sorry I have been a bit quiet this week on my blog, but this week has been very busy and very enjoyable with some lovely quality family time.

We started off on Monday very quiet as my daughter was at a sleepover and did not come home until Tuesday afternoon, as had planned to do the dreaded visit to the school uniform shop on Wednesday to sort out her new uniform, do not know about you, but I really do not like school uniform shops and am always walking out moaning about how expensive they are.

So after catching up with my daughter about her sleepover, I was busy catching up on blogs when my husband suddenly announces, how do I fancy going to Paris the next day for 2 nights, of course I did not need asking twice and said yes immediately, as I was calling my daughter to ask her how she fancied going to Paris the next day, to which I got an excited, Are you serious?

So, next day off we went to Paris (look out for my review in the next day or two), for a couple of nights.

Friday, after a long journey and struggling around London in rush hour, we got home to a nice parcel of a hot tub (another review to write up soon), so while I was unpacking, my husband just had to set it up there and then, and the thought of a nice relaxing dip in the hot tub to look forward too, unfortunately, this was not the case as it took too long to warm up by the time we had set it up to start heating.

Saturday, I had a bit of ‘me’ time and went to the hairdressers, to have my bit of relaxation (after a busy few days, and a stressful experience which you will find out about in my Paris Review) I went in with messy hair and too much grey coming through, and walked out feeling fantastic with not a grey hair in sight. Came home spent the afternoon in the hot tub sitting very carefully so my hair did not get wet as we were going out that night with friends.

Saturday night, myself and my husband set off to London to meet our friends for a long overdue night out, we always look forward to these nights out as we all have such a fantastic time.  We had a lovely meal and few drinks, before the end of the night and then going our separate ways home, before the last train. Wrong, due to various reasons, we ended up going back to our friends house, in just the clothes we went out in, luckily my parents are great and not a problem with us doing this.  So there I am this morning, putting on my clothes and shoes from last night, feeling shattered and waiting for our friend to drive us home.   I am not used to doing things like this anymore, was fine in my younger days, but now it takes me a few days to get over a good night out, and you just need your own bed.

Once we got home, I just could not find the inclination to go and do my food shop (which I don’t like at the best of times), and had no idea what to do for dinner and to be honest, really did not have the energy to produce a lovely home cooked meal, so being the fantastic mum I am, I walked down to our local garage, which is a Marks & Spencer food shop, and purchased 3 ready meals for us, and cooked those, all the time telling myself, it is ok, this isn’t just any ready meal it is an M&S ready meal.

So, now I have a list of posts that I need to write, including why I aged by 10 years in Paris, the school uniform shop which no doubt I will tell you about.

How has your week been? Have you had any funny things happen or been anywhere nice? I would love to hear from you x


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  1. Tori Gabriel
    10th August 2015 / 7:46 pm

    What have I been up to this week? Potty training. I don’t think any more explanation is needed. Shudder.

    Great post as always! X

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