Goodbye July – Hello August

Goodbye July, I have to say you were an emotional one.

My daughter, had her last School Summer Fair, last sports day, as a Primary School Student, had her leavers assembly which was so emotional, watching her whole class perform together in their class assembly for the very last time, seeing how much they had grown from their first one in Reception. Then they had their leavers party, they had a fantastic evening all dressed up and the girls all looking beautiful in their dresses and sparkly shoes the boys handsome in their suits and shiny shoes.

Then was their last couple of days together forever as a whole class, they wore their leavers hoodies, and on the last day wrote on each others shirts, something my daughter is so proud of and wants to keep forever.

So after the madness and emotions of those last days, we were ready to greet the school holidays and the fun it would bring us.

So far we have been swimming, bowling, 3 sleepovers, friends over for tea, and only just finished our first full week.

So July, thank you for a lot of memories that will stay with us forever.

And hello August, where we are looking for fun days, lazy days, laughter, stress with uniform shopping, holidays and days out, please do not let me down 🙂

How was your July and more importantly what exciting plans do you have for August, is it filled with playdates, holidays, sleepovers, days out.

Why not drop me a comment and share your plans.

Or if you have had enough of the I am bored, I am hungry, he/she did this or said that, remember September is only a month away and there is always wine to help you get through the long summer days and nights.


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