My Week

This week has been a lot calmer than last week, thankfully.  It has been emotional though, as I watched my daughter say goodbye to her friends and school who she has been with for the past 7 years, when she started as a little 4 year old.

I have watched her grow up from a cheeky little blonde haired, blue-eyed little girl, into a beautiful and caring pre-teen with an amazing personality.

She broke up on Tuesday lunchtime, and immediately had made plans to go out with her friends, yes we are giving her more freedom, in preparation for September. Do I like it? No! I want my cheeky little 4 year old back.

We have lots of plans, for the holidays and have enjoyed a couple of relaxing days, before the fun starts.

Also on Tuesday, I was over the moon to see that The Blog Centre, chose one my what is your worst job? post, for their #ShowcaseTuesday, where they feature a few of the stand out posts for that week.  Please pop over and have a look at mine and the other great posts that they showcased this week.

In case you have missed any of my posts this week, here is a quick link to catch up.

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