Simply Cook Round Up Review

Last week,

You will have seen my 4 individual reviews on the Simply Cook range, which is a new concept in cooking.  We tried the Discovery Box, which includes 4 recipe cards, and 4 little boxes with all the herbs and spices and mixes you need.

If like me you tend to either cook the same meals week in and week out, or is fed up of trying to think what to cook each day then read on as this could be what you need to spice meal times up a little bit.  It could not be easier, they even give you a shopping list of the ingredients you need to purchase to make each meal, and to even save you writing a list you have a little tear off bit you can take with you.

The meals we had in our box was Nyonya Curry, Firecracker Chicken, Cod & Chorizo Broth and Jambalaya.

This is my honest review of these meals, the concept, the ease.  Just about everything to do with the who experience.

You can read fully here my thoughts of the Nyonya Curry,  FireCracker Chicken, Cod & Chorizo Broth and Jambalaya.

When I make a curry I am traditional and usually serve with rice, I never put potatoes in a curry as my husband is not keen.  I found this recipe very easy to prepare and cook, and had the right amount of spice that will please most people, not too spicy but you can taste the spice. This is one meal I would like to make again.

The Firecracker Chicken, was not quite a hit as the curry, we are both fussy with our foods in different aspects, so can make meal times a little difficult at times.  But we are both up for trying new things.  If you buy ready boned and skinned chicken thighs, then obviously this will make preparation a little easier, as I  had to bone and skin mine, but was quite impressed they did still resemble chicken thighs after I had done this.  I have never liked radishes but gave them a try (and I still do not like them) but my husband likes them and said they were nice in the dish.  The preparation was a little longer to prepare than the curry, but it was quick to cook and once again easy instructions to follow.  We liked the meal but I would leave the oranges out next time.

The Cod & Chorizo Broth was a huge hit, we both loved these.  Once again my husband is fussy with beans but he liked them and said he would have them again.  We did find this a little too spicy, but you just do not put the whole pot of spice in the broth, just add a little at a time until you get it just right, again this is just a trial and error thing, and I would definitely make this again.

The Jambalaya, we both loved, was easy to prepare and make, the only thing was the rice took a lot longer to cook, but that could have just been my rice.  This had a lovely flavour and a meal we both really enjoyed.

I would definitely, order from Simply Cook, if like us one or both of you are fussy eaters, this is the ideal experience to try something new, you may love the meals just as they are, find out you actually like something you have not liked before, or just get ideas for new meals.




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