Schools out for Summer

Well that is it, no more setting the alarm, no more rushing about in the mornings getting breakfast, while feeding the animals and putting the kettle on, to have my much needed morning coffee to kick start me. No more making up packed lunches and getting my daughter away from her iPad to get her to school, until September.

Today, she left her primary school, ready to venture into her next chapter in September in her new secondary school.

Unfortunately, where we live is not a million miles away from her friends, but safety wise she can not just pop down the road.  So we told her if she wants to meet her friends in the park, or go to the cinema or whatever they want to do, that is fine. I will drop her down and pick her up later.  That way she gets her freedom.

She came running out of school all smiles (I thought there may be tears), can I go to the park with my friend later, I said she can.  Then she got a right strop on as she didn’t have her friends number, which of course is my fault, why not everything else is at that age.  I have messaged and text everyone I can think of who may have her friends number and we are waiting to here.  So I have a stroppy 11 year old, thinking she had her freedom, sat sulking in her bedroom. Only another 6 weeks of this to go.

As this is probably the last school holidays that I may actually get to spend some time with my daughter, before she gets used to her freedom. I have been planning lots of outings, swimming, cinema, picnics, trips out to the coast or London.

Plus we need to sort her out for back to school, as it is brand new everything we need to get, the list is endless.  Gone our my days of skirt, polo shirts and cardigan, teamed with a new lunch bag and school bag.

So taking bets on whether we actually get out of the door on any outings or not, before she goes off on a cruise with my parents for a week.  How lucky is she, they never took me on a cruise, some favouritism there.

Do you have any exciting plans with your little darlings over the school holidays or are you taking it day by day? Would love to hear some other ideas.


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