And so it begins

And so it begins

I recently wrote about the emotional times emotional times going on in our house.  As we prepare for the end of a chapter.

Today is the last full day my daughter will be with her class. Before they finish their primary years tomorrow lunchtime, and move on to their new schools in September.

After the long week, of rehearsing for their leavers assembly. Which they performed to the Infants on Thursday, and then to the Juniors and us parents on Friday. They all did amazingly well, so proud of them all. And then onto their leavers prom Friday evening. Where they all looked so grown up and had such a fantastic night. All the hard work was worth every second.

My daughter has been a bit quiet this weekend. I think it was a mixture of needing some time out from last week, and also knowing that as of lunchtime tomorrow, that is it, they will all be moving on and no longer all together anymore.

They were all excited to be wearing their leavers hoodies, which they were given at their prom on Friday.  But we had our first proper wobble this morning. With tears as it is finally hitting her that this is their last full day where they will be all together

I told her she will still see some of them at her new school. Will be meeting up in the school holidays, and we will make sure this summer holidays will be her best ever.

She has done so well at school this year. Her report was glowing and we could not be prouder parents if we tried.

Also, today she is excited as they have a class party, and then for the first time, she will be coming home on her own on the bus, I will not be picking her up, so off she went to school with her bus pass and me going over it all with her (more for me, I am not adjusting well to my baby girl growing up), but her Grandma will be at the bus stop just in case, as this is the first time of going on the bus on her own, but my daughter thinks it is funny as I have told her not to look at Grandma, or talk to her, just pretend you do not know her.

I am sure when she comes home tonight, she will be fine and will have had a fantastic day, tomorrow, well I know there will be tears and will be very emotional. When they say goodbye for the final time ready to move onto their new adventure

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